Friday, August 18, 2006

Fat vs Thin

That is as it relates to knitting. I’m not talking body size or anything. We all come in our own special size — and if you’re not happy with that, then either live with it or do something about it! Nope. I’m talking knitting on fine needles with fingering yarn as opposed to large needles with thick, doubled, chunky, or novelty yarns. For me, regular knitting worsted is considered heavy yarn. I’m just so used to knitting socks on 2mm needles. Even most of my handspun yarn barely gets into the sport weight category. But today I finished the Almost-Son-In-Law socks and have started my Denise Bag from a free pattern by the brilliant Cat Bordhi (of Magical Knitting and Two Socks Soar fame). She loves her Denise needles because she has 3 different versions of this bag. I liked this one best because it has 2 zippered pockets for my extra cords that don’t fit into the case.

Instead of the called-for Cascade 220, I’m using good old Quebecoise which is easily available in a zillion colours at my LYS 3-1/2 blocks from my house and in a number of colours, both commercial and hand-dyed, in my stash. I know it fulls well and that’s the main point of this exercise. It’s pretty much the same weight as the Cascade but is only 2 ply. It seems scratchy but it does soften up when washed. I don’t think I would try a garment in Quebecoise but it’s great for blankets, afghans, and purses. It’s pretty much a weaver’s staple. I’m knitting it doubled on 7mm (US 10.5) needles. Denise of course! And this is where the “fat” comes in. It feels very heavy to me and much harder on my hands than the socks or even the handspun and ribbon yarns in my Little Squares sweater. Luckily it’s not very big so I’m hoping to finish fairly quickly. Must remember to do my exercises too.

I needed 2 stitch markers for this bag and, although I have a whole bunch of them that I made, I don’t have any big enough for these fat needles. I’m using large split rings dug out of my bead stash and they work fine. I’d show a picture but right now there’s not much to see. And the ASIL socks are drying in the sun from their celebratory bath. I don’t want to disturb them just yet.

Instead I’ll show you this cool grasshopper that T-Man found on our deck. I now have it as wallpaper on my computer. Love how disconcerting a 6-inch bug is when staring you in the face! It’s ok — the real thing was under 2 inches long. And a very pretty bright green. I can’t find out what species it is though. I’m big on identification especially because I’ve never seen one of these in my yard before.

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Anonymous said...

neat grass hopper! Our neighbours must have thought us nuts yesterday as both hubbby and I stood motionless in our back yard and watched a garter snake hunting in the grass. When he almost moved over my foot I stepped back and he was like a rubber band let go under tension! Straight for the flower beds.

Eat my slugs in there :)