Saturday, December 23, 2006


After blowing my nose and washing my hands (lots!) I managed to make the almost-organic short bread dough log which is currently chilling so I can cut and bake it. Tomorrow or maybe even Christmas morning I’ll make the butter tarts. It’s almost an hour’s drive to my daughter and her fiancé’s place in the ’burbs but we don’t have to pick up T’s elderly aunties until the afternoon so I will have time. I do so hope I don’t give this bug to anybody. If that’s all they get from me this Christmas they won’t be thinking nice thoughts about me!

You probably haven’t noticed her disappearance from my sidebar’s projects listings, but Angel-Thing finally decided that she didn’t want beads because she didn’t want to cover up her lovely make-up job. Took her months to figure that out, the grumpy thing. So I’ve deleted her from the projects and hung her on the tree. Nice to cross yet another thing off my list and thereby leaving room to start something new without guilt. But who does guilt anyway? We just starts ’em when we wants ’em!

Another thing I hung on the tree was my little mini-mitts because I never got to go to my guild’s Christmas party to exchange it with somebody else’s decoration. Boo-hoo. Maybe I’ll save them for next year? Maybe I’ll take them to my daughter’s and hang them on her tree.

Want to see what we found on our bedroom windowsill?

A queen wasp! Looking for a winter home. She was too close for comfort — right over the head of my bed. I’m very allergic to wasp stings and don’t fancy spending 3 hours in the hospital anytime soon. T put her outdoors and I hope she stays there! We have no idea how she got in here in the first place. We didn’t hear her flying around. If you happened to notice in the photo the holes in the side of the house next door, it has been sold, gutted and then left abandoned until the new owners get the proper permits. I miss my neighbour who passed away a couple of years ago around this time. He was a good neighbour for 25 years and now we are waiting to see how they will be renovating his house and how it will impact us. Not looking forward to the building noise and mess. Meanwhile it just sits there semi-derelict.

Back to knitting on the shawl. Every repeat helps it to grow!

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