Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gores & Godets Galore

We tried Nana’s garb on yesterday and it fit so perfectly I didn’t even have to adjust the hems. Yay! So now I can stitch them and cross them off my list. I’m a bit iffy about Stargazer’s baby sacque though. That kid is growing faster than a bean sprout! If it doesn’t work out, he can still pop his overtunic on over something more modern. I was surprised that even the coif seems barely adequate. Just shows you that it’s better if you have actual measurements to go by rather than guessing. Oh well. Ya lives and learns. And you wastes a ton of time doing it.

Even though both of T-Man’s tunics are already cut out, I’m sewing my own undertunic today mostly because it was cut out yesterday and I still had the appropriate colour of thread in my serger. Finally, one for me! In this garment I’m using 4 gores — well, actually 6 because the 2 side gores are divided for ease of cutting out and also ease of sewing. This appears to be the method used historically as well because it wastes very little fabric. Here’s a great tutorial on gores (aka godets) and gussets. However, I tend to cut my underarm gussets diagonally in half so that they’re easier to sew. The whole side seam gets stitched in one pass instead of having to fiddle with putting a four-cornered piece into a seam. I’m getting pretty darned efficient as you might expect after nearly a dozen garments. I have only my overtunic left as a major garment to cut out.

In other news, I got a surprise today when roofers showed up next door and started to re-roof the garage. I was sure they were going to tear it down, but they are obviously planning to fix it up instead. The stucco siding is coming off and a new bin just arrived for the debris. Interesting. They’re also building two dormers on the house, one on each side and the roofers have begun to bring shingles up. As I’ve mentioned before, the main bunch of framers are Chinese but the roofers are Punjabi Sikhs. The demolition/clean-up guys are Caucasian. Quite the league of nations we’ve got going here but divided on ethnic lines. Sorry if this is boring for you. I find it fascinating.

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