Thursday, April 19, 2007

How Big Is Your ?

Over on Knitter’s Review Forum they’ve been having a discussion about whether someone’s stash is too big or not. That’s akin to asking how do I look in this dress or do I have enough money for my European vacation. Not a question you can ask and get a realistic answer. Usually all they are fishing for is either “I wish my stash was as big as yours” or “nah, your stash is teensy — go buy more”. My own stash is definitely somewhere between Not Enough and Way Too Much! Just the right balance. For me.

And I must ask: just which stash are we talking about? The knitting yarn stash or the weaving yarn stash? The spinning fibres? The bead stash? How about the dyes and paints stash or the paper stash? And I haven’t even mentioned the fabric stash! Then there’s tools and equipment needed to make use of said stashes. And books and magazines with all the ideas and inspiration and how-tos. Just which stash is the important one? To me, all of it is.

The question of whether or not I’ll be able to use it all up in my lifetime is irrelevant. As long as my stash gives me pleasure and I can still find my way around my house without tripping over it, then it’s all good. I once read about a quilter who was in the last stages of a terminal cancer. She went fabric shopping with her friends and bought fat quarters for a new quilt. It gave her pleasure even if she was ultimately unable to use the fabrics herself. The experience of stash-enhancing was the goal not a quilt. Very important to remember.

There is the thought that some stuff may go “bad” if kept in the stash too long. And indeed the gel pens and paints may dry out, the polymer clay get hard, the thread get brittle. I may have to battle with the occasional m*ths and carpet beetles. But if I’m careful and store them properly, most things can have many years of joyfully communing together in the stash until they finally find out what they’re going to be when they grow up. And occasionally, they even get to do it yet again when I recycle the sweater for the yarn or cut the dress into something else. It’s all in the name of creativity and keeping my sanity as intact as possible. Can’t help it. Must make stuff.

Which brings me to The Garb. I tried to get a half-decent picture of my veil while holding the camera out at full arm’s length. This is the best out of a dozen photos:

And it’s not very good! I will make a better circlet than the ribbon because I’d like it a bit wider to hide some of the underpinnings. The fabric is polyester chiffon and it’s a little too transparent but it’ll have to do because I’m. Not. Hemming. Another! Yesterday I hemmed Nana’s undertunic and today I hemmed overtunic so all I need to do now is get her hat done by next Tuesday so T-Man can deliver it to her on his way home from work. That’ll be another one off the list. I’m currently pinning up the hem on my undertunic which is complete except for that. See?

I do like the pale green I ended up with. You can’t tell from the photo that the sleeves are about 5 inches too long so I can push them up for a ruched look. I’m waiting until my overtunic is done before I hem it so I can see what they’ll look like together. Gives it a bit more time to stretch out if it’s going to do any more of that. Tomorrow I’ll try to get both of T-Man’s tunics done. They’re both cut out and ready to go. I’d work on my overtunic first but it still isn’t cut out yet. Getting there. I feel like there might be light at the end of this particular tunnel. Maybe.

Today I went to the dentist for a cleaning so my teeth are all shiny and bright for the upcoming photographs. The Bride is going in next week for her complementary polishing. The dentist wants to see the photos after the wedding. I don’t blame him! He’s been getting it from all sides after Nana was in last week and telling him all about it too. Yes, most of the extended family all go to the same dentist. What can I say? He’s cute and very good. Pricey though. Glad we have extended coverage that pays for most of it.

Tonight I’m off to my weavers guild meeting. I’m showing off the Cherry Leaf Shawl since most haven’t seen it yet.


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Sable Syndrome is:


:) Susan

Anonymous said...

My stash is like yours. If anyone says I need to get "something" I usually have it and can get my hands on it and won't miss it when it is gone to a good home. Are you hand stitching the hems or blind hemming them on your sewing machine?