Friday, April 20, 2007

Indians & Indians

The program portion of last night’s weavers guild meeting was a really interesting talk by Debra Sparrow, well-known local Musqueam weaver and educator. For an example of the kind of educating Debra has helped foster, check out the PDF brochure for the Musqueam Museum School. (I would have given my eye teeth to have participated in something like this when I was a kid!) At the end of the evening she showed a few slides of some fascinating early examples of Coast Salish spindle whorls and blankets but the majority of her time was spent telling us stories. She interwove her own life and how she got started weaving with memories of her grandfather and mother and her dreams for the future. She showed examples of her own weaving and the results of her recent collaboration with a local mill who produces her designs in a more commercial way. Interestingly, she was much more relaxed and expressed herself in more gentle terms than the last time I saw her five years ago. I think she has come to terms with her heritage and her place in the world and is consequently less prickly and judgmental than she was in the past. She just seemed more comfortable in her own skin and pleased to be talking to us who, as a group of mostly middle-to-older-aged women weavers, could relate to her in ways that maybe the general public can’t. Hmm…this is about as analytical as I can get. It was thought-provoking, ok?

On the Garb front, in a flurry of activity this morning I got T’s undertunic sewn right up to the final hemming. I’ll let him try it on first before I finish it up. In celebration I’m taking a little well-deserved break. I’m quite tired today after getting home from the meeting at 10:30 pm last night. That doesn’t sound late to you maybe, but it’s a full hour and a half after my usual bedtime! And I woke up at around 6:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I’m a little underslept today but I’ll survive. Next it’s on with the overtunic. Or maybe I’ll cut out my overtunic. Whichever. I also need to make a card for The Bride for tomorrow’s bridal shower/stagette. That’ll be another late night I’m sure.

Well one consequence of having Sikhs roofing on the house next door is that the music selection has changed to bhangra. I think I like it better. At least it has a great rhythm! I was wrong about there being two dormers on the roof. There’s only one and a large skylight on the other side. Now that the roof is on I can’t really see much of what’s going on. I can hear it all perfectly fine though! T and I are finding this whole thing endlessly fascinating and trying to anticipate what’s going to happen next as we watch a new house unfold.

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