Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This Is My Brain On Jackhammer

Ackkkk…the jackhammer next door is on it’s second day in a row of driving me nuts. They are removing the house’s original external basement stairway to build a new and different one. Good thing I’m partially deaf (and leaving off the aids) — can’t imagine how annoying this would be with normal hearing. I’m loading up my Palm’s memory card with podcasts so I can plug out some of the racket.

Meanwhile, I didn’t get as far as I expected yesterday. I only managed to complete the hemming on DIL’s garb, though I did also replace the too-tight cuffs. I whacked them off and sewed new ones to replace them. Again. Then I picked the trim off the old ones to be reused while I was relaxing after dinner in front of the tube. Wait. Can we call it the “tube” anymore when I was actually watching a large wide-screen LCD computer monitor? Guess not. It’s not really a TV anymore either. Guess we need a new word. I really like having a Media Center-equipped computer instead of a TV. We don’t stay up late enough to watch the programs we like so the computer automatically records them onto the hard drive and we can watch whenever we want and fast-forwarding through the increasingly annoying commercials. The only problem is when there are two shows on simultaneously. Then we have to resort to the TV and old VCR to tape one of them. Awww…It’s not like there’s a lot of things we really like to watch. Most programming is frankly crap. But I digress, as usual.

I spent some time this morning doing the pattern diagrams for cutting out my MIL’s tunics as well as the baby one. Since the undertunic and the baby tunic and coif will be from the same fabric (the oatmeal linen/rayon), I can cut them out at the same time. As I mentioned yesterday though, the little one is a complete guess though I suppose as long as I err on the side of too big rather than too small, it’ll be alright. The coif would be better a little tighter than too loose so he doesn’t squirm it over his face. Some research turned up the fact that an average baby head is about 16” around which looks right to me so I’ll use that measurement to draft the 3-piece coif pattern. A 2-piece one is not very head-shaped so probably wouldn’t stay on as well. So what if the latter more in keeping with the period of dress his parents are wearing! Gotta be practical as well, hey?

The weather outside is gorgeous this morning so I should break sometime and go for a walk. We need a few fruits and veggies anyway. It smells so nice — like lovely flower blossoms. I feel sorry for those who are still experiencing more winter-like conditions. It sure is Spring here!

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