Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ya Wins Some, Ya Loses Some

I’ve been having one of those days today. You know the one where you try to run a bunch of errands and some of them work out and some of them don’t. And then you forget something important like depositing a cheque in your account. It’ll have to wait for another time. I did get my hair cut, which was the original reason for going out today. My scalp is healed enough now that even my hairdresser’s sharp comb didn’t hurt. At least the weather is spectacular for the second-last day of May. Sunny and warm and everyone is in shorts and sandals.

One of the things that didn’t work out today:

Can you see the oops? Took me awhile to notice. I was knitting on these last night while watching TV. Shows you how much attention I was paying apart from turning the heels. It was glaringly obvious this morning but not until after I had both socks out together. I missed one of the pattern repeats! The short one is frogged back and I’m working on catching it up to the heel. Again.

I also tried to work for awhile on the Fern Lace Scarf. But it too has it in for me and after frogging and fixing several mistakes, I gave it up for the moment. It’s this long so far and giving me a hard time all the way:

While I was out I bought some more big Ziploc bags for the stash. The fabric stash this time. I’ve just started in on the next phase of my organization/purge/inventory and it ain’t pretty. When I get it all out I’ll show you. Hope you don’t have a weak stomach! Har-har.

Short post today since there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it in. But I’ll leave you with this composite photo from my front garden this morning.

Notice how my colourful poppies are blooming right within spitting distance of next door’s lumber pile? They might be somewhat flattened but they’re still gorgeous. Be thankful I spared you the outhouse shot. It was just behind me. Pardon me while I go close the window. The cigarette smoke is blowing right in and my throat is getting sore. Several months more of this building stuff, huh? Oh boy.

1 comment:

Susan said...

your garden looks pretty despite the wood pile. I don't think that I would as patient as you and T-Man with their disregard of your property and 'peaceful enjoyment' of your own space. Ggggrrr

Love the poppy and cranesbill! I'm planting cranesbill in a new garden patch under my laburnam tree this weekend, along with dwarf veronica and other perennuals.

Hugs, Susan in PR