Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Presenting: Another FO

Actually finishing something cheers me up immensely! I keep thinking I never get anything done but obviously that’s an illusion on my part. This project didn’t exactly turn out perfectly but it will do until I can improve upon the design. At least my feet are warm.

My Purple Elephant Slipper-Socks

Begun: July 20, 2007
Completed: August 22, 2007

Yarn: Briggs & Little Heritage, 100% wool, 215 yds = 4 oz (113g) skein, purple tweed colour, used double throughout. 2 skeins (less than 2 oz left over).
Accent yarn: Paton’s ChaCha, 100% nylon novelty, 77 yds = 50g, colour “Jazz” (purple, turquoise, olive, brown). Part ball.
Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns, US 11/8mm.
Pattern: Family of Slippers by Chris de Longpré from Knitting at KNoon Designs, size adult. Free pattern online.

Modifications and Comments:
It took me a while to get used to knitting what essentially is a sock using broom handles…er, size 8mm dpns. See the difference from my usual 2mm sock needles?

I started with the 44 sts the pattern called for but that was much too large and I had trouble getting the specified gauge. Went down to 40 sts but really should have gone much narrower, perhaps 36 or even 32 sts. I guess I should have swatched but I wasn’t sure how much yarn it would take and whether I had enough. They were really huge but I was still holding out hope they would eventually fit:

It took 4 runs through the longest wash cycle to felt the finished slipper-socks and because they were still too big, I ran them through the dryer for 20 or 30 minutes on hot. Didn’t help. They’re the right length but too wide. So I got out my marudai and did a kumihimo braid for ties:

I used kumihimo instead of i-cord because it’s much less stretchy. This is Maru Yotsu (Round of Four) and such a simple 4-strand braid that you could do it on a piece of cardboard or one of those foamy disks, either square or round if you don’t have a marudai. I used 2 strands of the wool per bobbin. When the cord was braided I washed it and fulled it a little by hand in the sink. After everything was dry, I poked holes in the slippers using my big dpns, creating an inch-deep tuck on either side of the instep. Then I threaded the ties through before making little tassels on either end of them. Now they stay on but I think they still need some thick felt innersoles for comfort. They do rather look like adult-sized booties!

So now that I’ve finished a project, I started another pair of socks. Going back to normal-sized sock needles feels a bit weird! This one is the Crosshatch Lace socks for my DIL’s birthday in a few weeks. I may or may not get them done on time. We’ll see. I’ve got about an inch of one cuff so far. But all I want to do today is go back out on the sunny deck and spin some more — like I did yesterday. It was very relaxing. While I’m waiting for it to warm up out there, I think I’ll clean my computer desk. Navy blue shows the dust and lint really badly. Not to mention the food crumbs and tea drips. Yuck.


DHJ Design Studio said...

Hi Louisa, I love the slippers. They look wide enough to fit my wide feet! I'll have to give that pattern a try.

ChelleC said...

They are so cute! You managed to improvise and make the slippers even cuter than the originals. How's that for creativity?