Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The weather today is iffy and I’m conserving my strength for my last spinning class this evening. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! I feel ok for awhile but every now and then I get dizzy and feel kind of faint. It’s not all the time and it doesn’t last too long — just often and just long enough to be annoying. Especially if I actually try to do something that takes energy like walking up the stairs. Drunk without the pleasure of at least having something nicely alcoholic to drink. Bleh. If it doesn’t go away soon I need to make an appointment for a checkup at my doc’s anyway.

Meanwhile I finished the Crosshatch socks for my daughter-in-law. I’ll show them off tomorrow because right now they’re drying from their celebratory bath and blocking. I can’t find the ball band so I can’t record the yarn details, drat it. I do know it’s Meilenweit’s Mega Boots Stretch sock yarn with colours shading from purple to blues to turquoise to green but the rest of the info is awol. I’ll keep searching because it should be around here somewhere in this swamp…er, studio.

So now I’m continuing on the DDD Socks. I’m past the heels on both and heading down the feet (halfway on one) so it shouldn’t take me too much longer. Since both of my sock-girls have already had their birthdays, I’m running a wee bit late as usual. T-Man gets another pair of socks next even though he got the last pair before these ones, didn’t he? I’ve already dyed the yarn anyhow. He needs enough pairs so that he doesn’t run out if I don’t do the laundry often enough! And since he’s been wearing my handknit socks nearly every day, that’s a lot o’pairs fer sure. Of course, I myself have over a dozen so I think he’s just wanting some kind of parity. It would be somewhat easier if his feet were as small as mine though. Just sayin’.

I’ve been plugging away at the Icelandic Lace Shawl. It’s slowly filling in the top triangle with the moorit yarn. Not enough to bother photographing yet and the light is lousy today anyway. Notice there is no mention of blanket weaving in my report. I feel crappy. Weaving takes energy. Enough said.

I enjoyed Barbara M.’s comment on yesterday’s post. (Thanks, hon’! See me waving to you behind me in the Ravelry lineup?) I too am feeling a bit squeamish about flaunting my stash. So I figure I won’t show any more than I want to. Otherwise it will take weeks for me to enter it all and it just might crash Ravelry’s servers. Heh! I mean, most of those young things on there haven’t had 50 years or so to collect a decent stash. They’ve probably only just discovered knitting and might not yet know about weaving, spinning, crocheting or all the other crafts that each need their own yarn stash. And we won’t even discuss the equipment. Needles and stitch markers are nothing compared to what one needs to weave for instance! I’m a bit concerned about the library of my books too. If I was to print out my inventory list it would take 89 pages. I’m not planning to re-enter it in some public forum! Maybe I’ll just show the highlights of my knitting book collection.

Speaking of Ravelry, I just got a notice that CrochetMe has just opened anew with a different format. It’s no longer an online magazine for crochet like Knitty is for knitting, but it’s now a user-based forum like a much-scaled-down Ravelry. You can publish your own patterns and tips and tricks. (Without benefit of an editor. Yikes!) You can have buddies and a link to your Flickr site. It’s also still in Beta but anyone can join — no lineups. I’m already on there as damselfly. It remains to be seen how useful I will find it. If you crochet, check it out.

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Anonymous said...

I hope whatever ails you goes away!
I am slowly, very slowly putting up pictures on Ravelry. I don't know if I will ever put up stash photos. I have photographed all new purchases, when I blogged about them but the stuff from a decade ago, does the world need to see it?