Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Brain Is Full

My weavers’ guild has finally set up a website. I’ve been hinting/complaining/requesting/suggesting one for about 10 years now but it took the current president to get things rolling in the right direction. We are lucky to have the famous Sweet Georgia as a member and she has the programming and designing chops to set us up. However at some point we have to take over the day-to-day content stuff and I got suckered…er, asked to be the official Guild Website Chairperson. We had a meeting yesterday to get started but we’re still feeling our way around. This morning I went to the software’s main website (Drupal, an “open-source content management platform”) and got completely lost right off the bat. I just want to learn what some of the stuff means and how to tweak it a bit. Why can’t these people speak English instead of Tech-Talk? At least in the beginner levels? I can see further meetings with Felicia in the future. Unfortunately none of the rest of the committee remotely resembles a computer programmer, except perhaps Yoriko who set up the FibreEssence website totally in HTML script. She unfortunately is nearly as out of her depth as the rest of us here. We have many questions.

So of course nothing else has really been happening around here. Today it’s dark and rainy with a chance of snow mixed in and not terribly conducive to photography. A pity as I was hoping to finally show the 5 Wooly Pears together and get that FO off my list. Instead I’m going to turn to my podcasts on iTunes and knit on the Hepburn Cardi. I measured and it takes me an hour to knit 8 rows on the two sleeves. Yikes! I’m so slow I’m never going to finish this until I’m old and grey. Oh wait. Too late. Anyway it’ll probably be summer when I don’t need it. I’m trying to persist so I can at least feel like I’m getting something accomplished.

I also have to write up a project for my Complex Weavers Beads & Interlacements Study Group exchange. It’s due on Saturday but luckily it’s a virtual exchange so I only have to email a PDF to the coordinator. The theme is “Free For All” so I thought I’d use my wrist counter/abacus since perhaps folks aren’t familiar with this cool tool. I even have stitch markers to match. I need to take some more photos though so I’m hoping for it to brighten up. Doesn’t look too promising.

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