Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nuthin Much

Today was a day for finishing up a few things and getting on with a few more that couldn’t actually be finished today. I finally after a couple of months got all my recent books covered with clear plastic. Yes, I do that to all my books. If they are flimsy paperbacks or have paper dust jackets (which includes nearly every book I own) it keeps them in much better condition over time. Every book also sports an imprint of one of my hand-cut rubber stamps and my name and the year I acquired it. My magazines have “collection of…”stickers and the whole shebang including my personal or workshop notebooks are all inventoried in a computer file which is backed up in two places. I’m disgustingly organised. At least where my library is concerned. I have had actual nightmares about things happening to my precious library so I’m doing my best to keep it safe.

I got the ribbing done on the next pair of plain socks for T-Man and am just starting to knit on the leg of one of them. The yarn is new to me, On Your Toes, which ostensibly has an aloe vera finish on it though I’m not sure I can tell in any way. The colour is a nice dark brown heather. See?

I also wound one of my white balls of Sisu into a skein in order to dye it in pale pinks for my granddaughter to go with her new silver party shoes and pink and white dress. She is such a princess! Neither her mom nor I am particularly fond of pink but KiKi likes it so that’s what she gets. Maybe I’ll include a bit of lace at the top of the sock for her. Just to make knitting with pink yarn a bit more bearable for me!

Tomorrow my buddy Jo is coming over to learn how to spin. She’s a fabulous knitter and is weaving quite competently now too plus she already learned how to dye in my Dye Studio so we’re creating a Textile Monster…er, Master…er, Mistress? Whatever. She’s hooked! She even got a part time job at my second LYS, Three Bags Full. I’m not sure whether that adds any money to her purse or just yarn to her stash though. I know I never made any money when I worked at Birkeland’s. They got it all back plus much more.

Note to Sharon: Honey, just harness your inner Martha and decorate with those pears! An attractive bowlful will take you right through late Fall and the entire Holiday Season with style and panache. Alternatively, they could receive a hanging thread and go on The Tree representing the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Later it could be felted birds and drums and cute milkmaids…gee, I don’t know. I just wanted one pear for a gift exchange. They got away from me.

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Ahhhhhhh . . . Peary Dustcollectors!!! I see. LOL