Friday, December 14, 2007

Why Is It...

…that I'm such an idiot! I deleted most of the original post.

I was going to have quite a different and more crafty discussion today, but there ya go. There’s always another blog post. Thanks for hanging in there, if you got this far. Just for your reward, here’s Stargazer, who just can’t help being cute:


Anonymous said...

Not a fun aspect to a relationship. I've never understood the competitive misery game and I'm always amazed at how many people play it.

Thankfully you are a positive and thinking creature. Plus, you live at fibre Disneyland. ;) Now go make something pretty!

Anonymous said...

Louisa dear, we all have these people in our lives & they drive us crazy because there's nothing we can do or say to change them. I sometimes refer to them as Emotional Vampires. But, we have the other people who make us smile when we think of them. I have one who makes me smile even when I don't see him for a year!! They're the ones that make it all worthwhile - like that little cutie pie there.