Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Food

No, I’m not giving you another recipe. Sorry if you’re disappointed. This one changes too much every time I make it so an actual recipe is impossible. I spent a goodly part of today making curried chicken and lentil soup. What a great way to use up aging veggies and a well-picked-over roasted chicken carcass. I even included some leeks and parsley fresh from my garden. Slurp! Now I have enough for a number of meals in the fridge and three 2-serving containers in the freezer. Guess I’m finally getting some of my normal energy level back, huh?

More food, but this is food for your mind. There’s a new magazine online! Yay! Think Knitty but for weavers by the intelligent and talented Syne Mitchell of the Weavecast podcast. After two years of publishing her podcast she realized there were some things you couldn’t get across very easily by voice alone. There aren’t nearly as many weavers out there as knitters but I’m hoping she gets lots of traffic to her new site. It’s really good! Besides we need to get more folks hooked on weaving. (Says the person who has had her blanket sitting on her loom waiting for attention for how long?)

I didn’t have time today to get back to my naughty Twilight Queen so she’s still waiting too. I’ve finished the ribbing on the Auntie92 Gloves and am heading up the hand including the thumb gussets. Gloves may be fiddly but they go faster than socks. Good thing because Milady Daughter is going to be seriously annoyed with me if I put her Tulip Socks off much longer. After all, her birthday was in September and although I did knit her a pair of socks then it was with her own dyed yarn. These are the “real” birthday socks. Only half a year late by the time I’ve completed them. No biggie.

Oh yeah, before I forget — Happy Hallmark Moment…er, Valentine’s Day! I tell my sweetie how much I love him every day of the nearly 40 years we’ve known each other. We don’t need gifts of flowers and diamonds to prove it. We just live it. However he could stop by the chocolate factory on his way home from work and get another big chunk of Callebaut. We’re running out of my yummy homemade almond bark. Chocolate is an important ingredient in a happy life. Didn’t you know that? I just throw in lots of almonds (and sometimes dried cherries too) so I can pretend that I’m not eating quite so much of the aforementioned important ingredient.

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Silk said...

i agree after 40 years of a good marriage, we don't need chocolates, flowers or gems..although i did notice that i did get a few extra smooches today..instead of Valentines day we should have "Married to the same guy Day"