Friday, February 15, 2008

Carrying On Carrying On

No Callebaut chocolate turned up yet but that’s because it was too crazy busy in the chocolate factory this week. Wonder why? T-Man is waiting for the frenzy to die down before he stops in. Meanwhile he picked up a couple of bars of Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate with cherries. Mmmm…good substitute there. That oughta hold us for a little while.

Well, with all that chocolate and other good things I need to get more exercise than I have been while hosting The Bugs. I’m definitely feeling like some of my stray energy is returning to me. I did a whole 15 minutes on my elliptical trainer today and could have done a few more but I don’t want to push it on my first time back in the saddle…er, footrests. My throat is still sore (I think it’s permanent now) and I started coughing a little about 5 minutes in again but I kept going past that point and didn’t cough much more than that. I still have a coughing fit or two a day but it’s not like bronchitis or anything. Thank goodness. If I’m going to have The Mysterious Sore Throat Bug then at least I can still breathe just fine. I think I’m going to start gargling again with salt and soda, my mommy’s old remedy, and see if that helps. Better than just waiting for it to go away because it sure doesn’t seem to want to go by itself.

I’m past the thumb gussets on the Auntie92 Gloves and swiftly heading for the fingers whereupon I will slow to a snail’s pace while I do each of them one at a time on 3 needles. Can you say “porcupine”? I’d show them off but it’s dark and rainy again here today and not particularly conducive to good photography. Twilight Queen is back from her time-out and I’m in the process of frogging and tinking her back to where I can replace the beads in the second of the two rows of 3/3 ribbing that I’m left with and then work the picot edge for the THIRD TIME. Hope it’s third time’s a charm because this is getting really old really fast.

T-Man is on-call this weekend and he finally got his VPN working with the assistance of the Help Desk at work. It turned out to be Internet Explorer 7s fault. It wanted to default to dial-up connections instead of cable. Doh. What IE has to do with it when it wasn't even running at the time makes me wonder about Microsofts plans to subvert the world to it’s dominion. Scary. Makes me glad I converted to Mozilla Firefox anyway. More websites work properly with Firefox. Wonder why?

I’ve got Felicia, aka Sweet Georgia (doncha love my namedropping!) coming over later to help me learn a bit more about how to maintain our weavers’ guild website. She created it for us and I got roped into being the head of the Website Committee. I don’t want to learn how to program, but I need some information on how to keep the site up-to-date and functional for guild members. And at the same time not wreck anything! Right now I know just enough to be dangerous and not enough to fix it.


Sharon in Surrey said...

About damn time that bug went off to bite someone else! You've had it long enough. Have you been making Granny's old honey & lemon throat soother??? Two parts honey, 1 part lemon, heat & take. Get weller, sooner!!

Louisa said...

Ummm...that damn bug actually came back and bit me again! Just after I posted that I was feeling better. So I'm staying mum from now on. BTW Sharon, I'm not much fond of honey. Bee-puke as one of my sisters calls it. To me it has a disagreeable aftertaste but then I'm not much of a sweet-tooth at the best of times. I do realise that honey has some antibacterial properties but I just don't like it enough to try your cure. The salt-and-soda gargle is helping some though. To each her own, I guess!