Thursday, March 06, 2008

One Of THOSE Days

Well, in its defense it’s been a relatively warm and mostly sunny day. However it has had its moments. Or maybe it’s just me. I started off by spending an inordinate amount of time early this morning attempting to locate a ball of yarn. I finally found it but decided that it wasn’t what I wanted anyway. To backtrack slightly, I’ve been saying for months that I need a new pair of black gloves. I knit 2 pairs of Auntie gloves in bright colours but no black gloves for me. The reason was because I had it in my head to use some handspun black yarn but of course there wasn’t enough of it for a pair of gloves. And I never got around to spinning up more so the black gloves ended up on hold. So today I needed a portable project so I decided to go for it. But there I was back to the yarn problem. Instead I decided to use one of my charcoal coloured balls of Confetti yarn. But of course I didn’t want to make the exact same plain gloves so I looked around for something fancy for the rib. I tried to follow a charted pattern in my Japanese “Knitting Patterns Book 250”. It wasn’t looking like I thought it should so I tinked back and played with the pattern some more. I still don’t know whether it’s going to be any good or not or whether to just frog and start again. My brain just isn’t in the right place for complex knitting problems today.

My brain obviously isn’t in the right place at all because the next thing I did was show up 3.5 hours early for my doctor’s appointment. Apparently I can’t read my own schedule correctly. No biggie — I bought some stamps and some veggies and went home for awhile. Where I played with the knitting pattern a little more, had some lunch and then headed out again. Lucky it’s only a 15 minute walk to the doc’s office and the weather was nice, huh?

So much for trying to get a portable project going. I had very little time to knit at the doc’s and got in to the examining room fairly quickly. All checked over and apart from the lingering cough thing, I’m just fine. However, he decided to send me for an x-ray just to check my chest and if there’s nothing interesting there, then we wait for the cough to go away by itself. Say another month. I had to walk another kilometer to the x-ray office which is of course in the opposite direction of home. I got a few more groceries on the way home and now I can’t find T-Man.

How is that, you ask? How could I lose my husband just like that? Well I got home at around the time he usually shows up from work but he wasn’t here. I didn’t notice that the MINI Cooper is parked at the side of the house until an hour had passed. I called him but he’s not outside. He knew I was supposed to go to a fibre arts guild meeting tonight and he was going to pick me up from there. Maybe I just missed him and he went for a walk? Maybe he thinks I’ve already gone on the bus, though it’s too early still. He’ll turn up eventually because he can’t pick me up with both vehicles sitting here without him. Meanwhile I’ve decided that I’m too tired to care about the meeting anymore anyway. I haven’t been to one since about May of last year. I don’t do evenings very brightly these days and I don’t know anyone in this group who lives in my direction well enough to ask for a ride. I hate to keep T out late when he has to work early the next day. It all conspires to make me just feel “meh” about going. Besides I’ve walked about 10 kilometers today and I’m ready for a rest now.

Back to the ribbing problem. I think my brain got itself in gear in spite of me! The reason why it looked wrong before was I was reading the knits for purls and vice versa. Silly me. It’s looking correct now. And T-Man just came home. He had walked to the bank and we had just missed each other with him going out just as I came in. Maybe things are looking up? And tomorrow I’m off to Fibrefest! Good stuff. Report later.

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