Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Of A Very Weird April

It was a near-record cold month for us here in Lotus Land. No wonder my garden is so far behind. I haven’t even planted much of anything in it yet. The peas, which I did finally plant, are just starting to come up. We did have a lovely arugula salad last night from the seeds T-Man planted in the greenhouse early on in the season. And we ate the first asparagus too. I just love eating veggies so fresh they don’t know they’re dead yet! That’s the whole reason why we slave over the dirt in our back yard. It can’t possibly be for reasons of saving money because by the time they’re ripe, each tomato must cost about $10 worth of seed, soil, amendments, fertilizer, and time under the grow lights – not to mention the amortization on the cost of the greenhouse we need to protect the darn things from late blight. And I’m not counting all the personal work we put in planting, transplanting, digging, amending, fertilizing, watering and opening and closing greenhouse vents. It’s all worth it however when you get to chow down on something yummy that came from less than 20 feet away. Take that, 100 Mile Diet!

I was going to photograph and show off the Unmentionables today but the darn things are still wet! After 24 hours I finally took them off the towel they were blocking on and hung them up on the basement clothesline using lots of pins to support the weight. Hopefully the air circulation on all sides will help. I also haven’t finished the tie yet. Still waiting on the elastic’s dye job and the Fray Stop to dry on the braid. So I guess it’s not a proper FO yet.

I’m heading out later to exchange the last 2 extra balls of Sublime yarn for something else. I was totally surprised that the Unmentionables took only 4.5 balls instead of the 7 recommended in the pattern. Even if the Sublime’s yardage was a bit more per 50g it should have at least gone into the 6th ball. I thought my gauge was pretty close too so I’m baffled. Ours is not to reason why — only to take advantage of the extra yarn. Heh.

In Hepburn Cardi news, I’m nearly up to the neckline decreases on the fronts. I’ve been working on it while watching TV in the evening after dinner. It’s actually quite a pleasant knit but sooooooo sllllloooooowwww. Oh well. It’s not a race, is it? I hope not anyhow. I usually lose races rather badly.

I’ve been digging in the fabric stash today for something to make my “sari” inspired bag out of. This is the Spectrum Study Group Project that has to be done by the June weavers guild meeting and our Spectrum get-together to work on it is tomorrow. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute, eh? I’m only going to make a small wrist bag that I can put a ball of yarn in as I move around and knit. It will be better than my usual “stuff it in a pocket” and will hopefully save me from having to deal with Yarn Barf! Unfortunately I don’t have any actual sari fabric and I’m too lazy to take the bus to the Punjabi Market today. Besides I only need a small piece, not a 6 yard sari length. There must be something suitable to evoke India in the vast Damselfly Fabric Collection somewhere. I can help it along some with embellishments anyway. Off on the hunt. If you don’t hear from me after a reasonable time has passed, please send out a search party. I may have gotten lost in the stash.

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