Saturday, June 13, 2009


SockFoot …my right foot disguised as a Sock Monkey. Why, you ask? Because, dear friends, this dumb stupid &*^%*# damselfly had a Leetle Accident - a disagreement with a very hot and very large cup of tea. It wasn’t even my cup of tea, it was T-Man’s. I was on the upper deck futzing around while listening to podcasts on my Palm and caught my earphone cord on the handle of his tea cup. Which in retaliation flung itself off the table and splashed onto my right foot. Which was wearing a rubber clog and a cotton sock. Which I immediately flung off while screaming swear words and hopping around, and only later hoping the young child next door hadn’t picked up any new words his parents might regret.

After some time soaking the offending foot in cold water (and a little research on the innernets) I figured that the amount of ouchie and blistering meant that I probably should head to Emergency. Not a decision easily decided since around here that often means a number of hours cooling my heels (one rather singed and one not) before getting some attention. And it was dinner time and we hadn’t eaten yet. However we were lucky and it wasn’t busy so I got in nearly right away. Now I have a tetanus shot (which I needed anyway) and a bandaged foot which I covered with T’s old wool sock to keep it clean. The pharmacy didn’t have enough of the Flamazine (miracle goo with actual silver in it that must be spread like icing on the burn once a day) or the very large non-stick pads that cover it so T has to go back again to get more, plus more gauze to hold it all on. Then he gets to practise his nursing skills. Urp. Maybe I should make him a real sock monkey to practise on first?

I was somewhat concerned that the burn was going to continue to hurt like h-e-double-hockey-sticks. I have a high pain threshold but that was really uncomfortable. Fortunately the pain finally subsided about an hour after the dressing was applied. I slept ok last night but with awareness of where that foot was at all times. I’m now able to limp around the house a bit but walking is totally out of the question for a few days. Sigh. Oh what will I do to amuse myself if I can’t garden? Knit? Read? Surf the ‘net? Guess I’ll just have to accept this as an enforced holiday. That’s your damselfly – always looking for the upside!

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yarnpiggy said...

Ouchy! Glad to hear it doesn't hurt too much now, at least. Try to enjoy the nursing! Hope you are walking around a.s.a.p.