Friday, July 24, 2009

Entertaining Myself

Since I still can’t move around too quickly (yeah, still dizzy) I’ve been amusing myself by knitting madly, reading blogs and queuing up things to make on Ravelry. It’s very dangerous having so much time to surf the patterns! Dangerous, I tell you. For starters, I so want to make this (Rav link). But first I have to blend, card and spin the yarn for it. Tell me why I keep falling for sweaters that need bulky yarn but only have lace weight and fingering/sock yarn in my stash? I want to have the fibres all carded up at least before I go on vay-cay at the end of August. I can bring Tori The Traveling Wheel with me and work on the project in camp. But first I have to feel well enough to go foraging in the fibre stash. Time’s a-wasting! (As my Auld Great-Uncle Tam would say.)

I ended up watering much of the garden myself yesterday because it was so dry and I just couldn’t wait for T-Man to come home. He did finish for me though. I also picked the first bunch of beans and we had them for dinner! Most of the veggies we had were grown in my garden (potatoes, carrots, beans, lettuce and snap peas). And there’s little lemon cukes coming now and the first tomato is almost ripe. Anybody want a yellow zucchini? Or several? I’ve been picking them quite small but I still have way too many! That’s what I get for having 3 plants plus 3 yellow pattypan squash plants as well. In my defence, usually several get eaten by bugs/slugs before they can produce. But not this year. I promise not to let any get too humungous – at least until we are gone. Then all squash will break loose!

I do apologise for the continuing lack of photos but the low light (cloudy) coupled with my inability to focus my eyes means the camera is not happening right now. OK, you ask – how can I still read? Dunno, but it’s possible as long as the text is big enough. And I’m going to stop typing now. I’m hoping to be able to go for a walk later with T when he gets home. Errands need to happen, such as I need my new glasses. And groceries.

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