Thursday, July 23, 2009

Enough Already

OK now I’m annoyed! I’m even more dizzy today than yesterday. At least I accomplished a few things yesterday – today I’m just lying around feeling sorry for myself. And knitting. And I finished the Temeraire book. (Hope Naomi has written the next one! But even if she has, it’ll be several years before it’s out in paperback. Sigh.)

So yesterday I was feeling a bit better in the afternoon and I finally managed to make a new catcher bag for T-Man’s chipper/shredder. It was mostly sitting-down work and not too bad to do. I had some nylon mesh and used heavy nylon thread and a size 100 machine needle. I used a multi-zigzag to stitch some cording along the seams to reinforce and just cannibalized the original draw-cord and toggle to close it. I hope it works ok. The mesh is a little more open and the bag is about 8” shorter than the old one but it’s stronger. We’ve had the chipper/shredder for many years and it’s been very handy for dealing with all the tree and shrub prunings around the yard. It runs on gas instead of electric like the newer ones and is much more powerful. Unfortunately it’s also extremely loud! No muffler.

I also got some ironing done that I’d been saving up for a month. I now have some summer blouses to wear. Yippee! There’s still a pile of T’s summer shirts to iron yet. At least he has enough now to last him until next week or so. I actually enjoy ironing but not when it’s too hot upstairs in my studio where the ironing board is located. It wasn’t too bad yesterday luckily.

Today is much cooler and cloudy and I feel I should be transplanting some of my little seedlings while I can before it gets hot again. But my stomach is queasy when I get up so bending over is kind of out of the question at the moment. I’m going to have to bug T to water the veggie garden too. Hate to make him do it, but this time it can’t be helped. All I can hope for is that the Dizzies bug off soon. I never know when they’re going to happen nor when they’re going away again. It’s frustrating, let me tell you! The first time I got it, I never realised it would become a chronic problem. There is no cure but patience.

At least I’m getting along quickly on Milord SIL’s socks. I’m nearly done one leg and finished the cuff of the other. That’s about 25%. Respectable progress.


Anonymous said...

Sending you hugs and healthy vibes!!!!!! Feel better!!!!!! :)

Louisa said...

Thank you, sweetie! I need all the help I can get. This is so annoying even though I'm not really sick.