Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Change Is Life

No, nothing drastic. Just musing on this notion that was a favourite of T-Man’s grandfather. He actually became more easy-going and tolerant as he got older. When he died of a sudden brain aneurism at 80 he had driven himself to California in his little red sports car to visit his daughter. Things change and you only have just so much control over any of it. So get used to it!

I was trying to figure out how I personally deal with change. Some things don’t bother me at all but other things I would prefer if they remained the way they are. As I age, I can see differences in my own body. I’m stronger than I have been in the past decade but the greying hair and sagging skin over odd bulges are revealing my true vintage. Can’t be helped. I refuse to fall for all the “rejuvenation” make-over business. I’ll settle for trying to keep my body healthy and my brain flexible. The rest can do what it will.

One gradual change that I’ve noticed lately is that the YahooGroups that I used to spend so much time on have pretty much dried up. Most of the spinning, dyeing, crochet and, of course, knitting have gone over to Ravelry. It’s so much better there in some ways but I have to be proactive to keep up with any groups; i.e. go read them instead of them coming to me. I joined a bunch but really only check my local group with any regularity. I seem to be entertained enough without all the extraneous chat. I love love love Ravelry’s pattern search. Sigh. So many projects to tempt me.

I do try to keep up with some of the blogs though, especially the really popular ones and those of all my friends. Unfortunately it’s a losing battle because there’s just too much to read and it takes up a lot of time. I would like to actually accomplish something real occasionally. Really! How do those folks who have Facebook or Twitter or iPhones or Blackberries or whatever get anything done? Don’t we all have the same 24 hours? I need to sleep at least 9 of them too.

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter and the like, pundits have been predicting that blogging is going to go away because of the more immediate “social networking”. I’m not so sure. It’s quicker to just post a couple of sentences but it’s so superficial. No deep thoughts or insights. No complete stories. Long tutorials with accompanying photos. Of course I could just be blowing smoke. I’ve never checked those things out. I’ve already got enough to occupy me times ten! And I’m luckily “retired” with no for-pay job. How do the working folks cope with the information overload? Pick and choose only what’s important or interesting to them, I’m certain. Probably too little sleep as well.

Anyway, the upshot of these musings today is that I don’t want to become one of those older people who are always complaining about “that’s not like it used to be” or “it’s not as good as it was before”. Some things aren’t as good. Some things are better. It is what it is. Complaining isn’t going to help. Just makes you unpleasant to be with.

Moving right along. I’ve finished the socks for Milord Son-In-Law so now I only have a gazillion things on the go instead of a kabillion. I’m not concerned. At least I’m never bored.

One last thing – have you seen the Tin Man 3-part miniseries that just played on the Space Channel? It’s been out for nearly 2 years but this is the first time it’s been seen in Canada even though it was made here in BC and most of the supporting cast are local actors. It is so well done! A modern and darker take-off on the Wizard of Oz with Zooey Deschanel, Neal McDonough and Alan Cumming. I’m such a sci-fi/fantasy geek. But extremely fussy. The characters have to be well-drawn and the story has to be plausible and interesting. This one has it in spades! Wish they would make it into a regular series.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that there are people who are willing to just be and age and become. So much more comforting than fighting that losing battle!

I missed Tin Man yesterday. It was on the second episode when we saw it in the guide. I really want to see it. I love Zoey Deschanel. Her sister is great on Bones too. :) How do you feel about Firefly?

Had to frog my sock. Can't chat & count it seems! LOL. Almost back to where I finished on Sunday. Knitting - the ultimate humbler of multi-taskers.

Louisa said...

Those folks who work too hard to look younger just look freaky! Sorry but it's true. There is nothing wrong with wrinkles. I've earned every one of mine - not that I have all that many. Yet. I have good genes though. My grandmother died at 97 and didn't look a day over... ummm...80! ;)

I think Tin Man is available on DVD. And as for Firefly - I totally enjoyed them the first time they aired. Also own the boxed set plus the movie. Love! But not the movie so much. They killed Wash! Sniff! That Joss Whedon. Bad man.

Sorry about the sock, Beentsy. Hope it goes better now. It sure was purty!