Thursday, August 06, 2009

So Cool

I’m almost cold! Yay! It’s a mere 19C today and the cooler weather is giving me energy that I haven’t had in weeks. I spent yesterday trying to organise my knitting and crocheting for the next while. Collecting the patterns, scanning them from magazines if necessary, winding skeins into balls, checking for needles and hooks, designating what order to work them and deciding what I still need (carding! spinning!). It was fun to be able to do stuff upstairs in my study and studio rooms again without melting into a pile of goo. I do not do well in too much heat, the kind where you break into a sweat just getting up out of your chair for another beer. OK, pear cider. I don’t much like beer.

I babysat the grand-beasties on Tuesday and we had a great time at the local kiddie play park. There’s an elderly lady with limited English who sits and watches the little ones nearly every day. Better than TV! And the usual group of Philappina nannies with their little charges. This park used to be a parking lot when my kids were small. Much nicer now. We went down the big slide all together and I got my rubber shoes filled with pea gravel. With a stick in it for a birthday candle. Good times.

While they were visiting I couldn’t help but ask Princess Pink if she wanted her present from me early. I thought it would be lost in the kafuffle on Sunday at her birthday party. She absolutely loved her little dress:

PPinDressAnd it fit perfectly but with some room to grow still. She can wear it by itself or with a t-shirt and leggings or, in this case, right over the clothes she was already wearing. Notice the colours are definitely perfect in her wardrobe? Can’t believe she’s going to be five already! And going to kindergarten next month. Sigh. Time flies, doesn’t it?

I also finished:

Milord Son-In-Law’s Birthday Socks


Begun:  July 21, 2009

Completed:  August 4, 2009

Yarn:  Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Tweed, 80% superwash wool/20% polyamide, colourway 126 (black with beige, taupe and tan flecks), 420m = 100g, 1 ball (not much left).

Needles:  Addi Natura bamboo 6” dpns, size 2mm.

Pattern:  My Standard Sock Pattern on 72 sts, with 8” before heel flap and 7.75” before toe decreases, dec to 24 sts, dog-ear reduction.

Comments:  I began these late for his birthday so they weren’t ready on the 25th. He’s ok with that though. Apparently he likes to wear my handknit socks around the house when the floors are cold! So there’s plenty of time before that happens. ;)


yarnpiggy said...

Isn't the temperature heavenly? I'm just waiting for the first bitching that it's too cold; people are never happy.

Love Princess Pink's Pink & Purple Pinafore! :o)

Louisa said...

Thanks for the kind comment on the pinafore, Yarnpiggy! I was so happy she liked it. Almost-5-year-olds can be fussy little creatures. ;)

And yes - I'm loving the cooler weather. Wool blanket on my feet! Happy sigh.