Friday, December 18, 2009

Exam Time

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” 
Socrates (469 BC - 399 BC)

For the last couple of years, I’ve been going into the New Year with a word to inspire me. In 2008 it was “contentment”. This year it was “harmonize” and I think I’ve done an ok job of working on that theme. Apart from losing my birth mom, things have been going fairly smoothly. I feel stronger and healthier than I’ve been in a number of years (not counting whatever allergies are affecting my feet and hands – and it’s improving finally). I got a lot of work done in the garden and in the house. Stuff sorted and reorganised. More to do still, naturally, but things are on track. Going with the flow. Not even annoyed by the tidal wave of Christmas. I’m harmonizing! Heh. I’ll spare you the singing part. Be grateful.

So now that I’m all “harmonized”, I’ve been trying to find a new word for 2010. I’m leaning toward “conserve”. In preparation I looked it up and it has some expressive synonyms:

  • save
  • keep
  • husband
  • support
  • hoard
  • sock away
  • squirrel
  • spare
  • safeguard
  • protect
  • store
  • manage wisely

I like “sock away” especially (I have a lot of socks!) but we can skip the “squirrel”. You know how I feel about those rodents!

We’re already doing a lot of that conserving stuff around here anyway. T-Man isn’t retired yet but we are beginning to plan for the inevitable. Two more years of work is the goal but the choice may be out of his control before then. Meanwhile, we stockpile tools, equipment, materials and future projects while investing in home repairs and replacements while we still have enough money to do it properly. Our house is small enough so that we don’t rattle around in it. There’s no point in contemplating downsizing yet. Besides, we need space for all the tools and craft supplies! And we have no desire to leave our neighbourhood which is relatively quiet and yet very central. Nearly everything in walking distance and lots of easy transit for any farther trips. What’s not to love? Apart from the upkeep on an old house and oversized yard.

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”  William James (1842 - 1910)

It’s true. But enough of this navel gazing. Back to crafty stuff here! Well, I was waiting for some combination of light and T’s attention to get a photo of me in my Green Peace Sweater so I can post it as an FO. Unfortunately that convergence of events hasn’t happened yet. But here’s how far I’ve gotten on the Sleekit Mitts, which I like very much:

SleekitMitts_prog I’m knitting them on smaller needles than called for so they will fit my impossibly tiny hands. They match my kneesocks! I’m nearly done now. I’ve also resurrected the Bubbly Beret from Crochet-Limbo and am nearly done the top section. To recap, this is the pattern “Crochet Bobble Beret” by Robyn Chachula from Knitscene, Fall 2009, and I’m making it in STR Lightweight, colour Ravenscroft. I had to frog back to the beginning and start again because my tension loosened up and I made a mistake somewhere that I couldn’t track down. The pattern doesn’t mention that the “bobbles” appear on the back of the work so you’re actually working from the wrong side. Also there is knitting for the brim which doesn’t bother me any, but I can see some who are exclusively Of The Hook complaining mightily. I say, learn a new skill. It won’t kill ya; it’ll make you stronger! Yes, I’m always and ever the enabler.

Oh and I went to my guild meeting yesterday. I wore my green sweater (warm!) and my Winter Bling Scarflettes. We had a yummy potluck and played a silly Christmas Bingo game. My Blue Star Garland found a new home with a new (and talented) member, originally from Iran. Lovely lady was very happy with her gift! And I won a little basket (thanks, Irene!), supposed to be for garlic I think:

Basket1 But I found a better use:

Basket2Don’t you agree it works great as a yarn ball holder? Now all it needs is a handle to put over my arm for portability. Knitted, braided or crocheted?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, a word for the year eh? I think that's a pretty good idea. Must mull over.

I love the wee basket. Looks good with sock yarn in it. But don't most things? LOL.

Louisa said...

Ah, sock yarn. Such a treasure trove of possibilities. Let me count the ways!

Yes, it is a lovely basket and much appreciated since I can't make cane do anything that remotely resembles anything functional myself. ;)