Monday, December 14, 2009

I Don’t Aim For Perfection

Because I would definitely miss and hit something else instead! Remember the Green Peace Cardi? Wondering why you haven’t seen the finished photo? Disappointingly I had to frog about 6” because it looked like a skirt on the bottom. Not a flattering shape. I was a bit worried before I blocked it that the hem was flaring. Heh. Should have listened to my worry-voice because it looked even worse afterward. It was telling me that the darn thing really needed me to take out 3 of the 6 increase rounds which meant ripping out rather precipitously. The only good thing about this is that because it was knit top-down, it’s easy to take out the bind-off and frog upward. I’m now re-knitting back down. Heavy sigh. At least I’m fairly sure that it will be correct this time. Fairly. Sure.

So where have I been for the last few days? Definitely not enjoying a 3-day migraine Thursday to Saturday which finally petered out leaving me feeling kind of hung-over and tired. We were also up really late Friday night (well, it was late for us!) babysitting Stargazer while his parents went out for dinner with friends. His sister was at Other Grandma’s for a sleepover so we had him all to ourselves. Magically he is now pretty much toilet-trained since we last saw him a couple of weeks ago. Little people sure grow up fast, huh? It’ll be his 3rd birthday already at the end of the month. We went over to their house on Saturday evening to deliver The Big Secret, a combined Christmas and birthday gift that Grandpa T-Man made him: a special table for his “choo-choos” – by request from his mommy who will paint scenery on it and set up the tracks for playing. Stargazer is so fond of his wooden trains that he even takes them to bed with him! A bit lumpy when rolled over in the night, one would think. (His daddy settled for stuffies when he was small. They were much softer to lie on.) Oh, and I was given a fabu picture of Ariel the Littlest Mermaid drawn by 5-year-old Princess Pink. Check it out:

Ariel See the waves at the top so you know she’s under water? And her shell bra and teeny little green tail? Much more fun than the Disn*y character, IMO. She even did the title printing except for the L which needed some daddy-assistance. It’s signed by the artist of course, on the back. Five-year-olds see the world so refreshingly simply. I may have to frame it!

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