Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wish I Could Share

I’ve been working pretty hard on my Fibres lecture for my weavers guild. I’ve got just under 3 weeks left and I’ve been learning a whole lot of interesting things. About fibres from animals that are cute, scary, pesky or extremely rare. About fibres made from really unexpected things such as jade, ceramic, chiton and peat moss. About fibres that may or may not live up to their claims of organic, biodegradable, peaceful and eco-friendly. I hope to share some of this stuff with you eventually but I don’t want to give too much away before I give my talk. However, yaks are adorable and I want several. You know, for mowing the lawn and providing me with milk and manure for my garden and to pack my groceries home for me? As well as giving me some yak down to spin. Think the city could be convinced that they’re really large hairy dogs with, um…horns?

I’m on the home stretch on Princess Pink’s second pair of legwarmers. These may be greeted with the same lack of enthusiasm as pair number one but you can’t say this granny didn’t try to please. I’ve also started on a red tweed sweater for Stargazer’s blue hot water bottle. The yarn is thinner than the heavy worsted weight I used for my orange Blodgie Sweater so I’ve gone to more stitches. I think it’ll work ok. It just has to stretch a bit around the rubber bottle which is little larger than mine. I’m putting a different cable on the front because heck, you can’t do the exact same thing when there are a gazillion cables to choose from! This one is the Extended Chain Cable from Barbara Walker’s First Treasury. Easy-peasy with only 2 rows of actual cabling in a repeat. I added one more purl stitch on either side just because. Photo when I’ve got something big enough to show.


Susan said...

My brother has been to Nepal three times ( and going back again this Fall) He loves the country and people and this also means the yaks! They carried his gear, kept him warm one night (don't ask :)
He has also eaten the meat.

Then there's the gee buttered tea. (yeck)... its an acquired taste apparently.

Thanks for the meme but I'm going to pass on it. They are a real love/ hate thing...


Heather said...

Hey Louisa, thanks for your comment on my vintage linen piece. You are right on as far as your assessment of the speaker of the nasty words - he told me that he'd been diagnosed as bi-polar but it turns out BPD is more accurate. It's sad how destructive such individuals can be.

Anyway, you don't have to publish this comment. I just wanted to say thanks for the insight.

Louisa said...

I know this little conversation is totally off the topic of my blog post, but I totally feel for anyone who has to deal with a person with BPD. The people who suffer the most from this illness are those around them! I wish more folks knew of its existence and that it was better understood by those whose job it is to provide help (counselors, therapists, doctors, etc). It's much more common and causes way more problems than they think.

Big hugs, Heather! PM me if you want to chat more.