Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At Least The Sun Is Out

I think I was being too optimistic yesterday. I read my talk out loud for the first time and…meh. I have to do some pruning because it takes over an hour. And some of it sounds dumb. Reading in my head and out loud are really two different things. I just discovered that. Make a note.

I have until tomorrow evening to finish this, set up the projector one more time and do a partial dress rehearsal. Why am I going to such trouble? It was actually rather fun – up until yesterday anyhow – and I just want to do it right. Right now I’m going to flake comfortably in bed and finish editing one last time. I so want this to be done and over. Remind me not to say yes next time someone asks, huh? It’s much too much work.

In crafty news, I’ve nearly finished one leg of one of T-Man’s Hedgerow socks. Slow going. And I screwed up the decreases on the back section of my resurrected Green Star Cardi. I have to frog an inch or so and fix it. I did finish the right front though and I think it looks good. I hope. About half finished now, I’d say. Not sure how long I’ll make the sleeves. Maybe elbow or just below – if I have enough yarn. Also slow going. It’s impossible to knit when my hands are covered in ointment, which happens about 6 times a day.

Speaking of ointments, I’m finally down to weekends only on one of the five different things with which I have to plaster my soles and palms. The dermatologist’s office finally said that my fungal infection test was inconclusive so they’re sending it off to the provincial lab. While they’re debating over it, my feet got super itchy again and I only get relief from the anti-fungal stuff. Doh! Since Doc Serious-D won’t give me the prescription for the oral med until the results come back from the lab, I’m using the topical I got from Dear GP. Ooh, treating myself! How daring. I think the reason things aren’t clearing up is because there’s two different problems at the same time: psoriasis and a chronic fungal infection. And they’re egging each other on. One gets a little better and the other gets a little worse; then reverse. Sigh. I hate being a battleground.

And speaking of battles: Yay! Canada won another gold medal! In ladies snowboard cross which, contrary to my usual attitude, is kind of fun to watch. Now we have 2 gold, 2 silver and a bronze – last I looked. Caught some of the men’s figure skating too and it was so cute when that American dude was crying into his black feathers. I thought his performance was breathtaking! Who cares if he didn’t do a quad-whatsit. I have no idea how they count them when it goes by in a blur anyway.

Nevermind. Back to work, damselfly.


Anonymous said...

You have the knowledge.
Just stand up and be yourself. We will enjoy.
Wing it No don't read it
Looking forward to tonight's talk at Vancouver Weavers Guild

Heather said...

I'm sure your talk will be fabulous. Not that you need any distractions at this point, but do you know anything about processing stinging nettles for spinning? There's a bit in JMM's book Intuitive Spinner but we're thinking of giving it a try on the island this year.

Louisa said...

Sorry, Irene! There's way too much information for me to remember it all. Must read! But I'm good at reading. ;)

Heather, I think the person to ask about nettles is Evelyn. I seem to remember she tried it once. Her blog is at: