Friday, February 19, 2010

I Done Good!

Yippee! My talk went well, if somewhat overtime. They were practically kicking us bodily out of the community centre at 10pm so they could close up. I knew it was a bit long but didn’t want to cut anything out. I think some eyes were completely glazed over by the end! It’s just like how I pack – too much stuff rather than less. More is more! You never know when some random piece of information will spark a mind. Or boggle one.

It was lovely to see some of the local young knitters showing up for the first time. They got a little lost on the way but managed to find us before the boring general meeting part was over and the good stuff started. I hope some of them come back to visit again or maybe even join us! We can always use some youth and enthusiasm to counteract us old jaded folks. A little more “yes, lets!” instead of “been there; done that”. I can’t say the latter isn’t me too sometimes. I think I really have been there and done most of it.

It was a great experience for me anyhow. I found I wasn’t even nervous after I got everything all hooked up and ready to go. I was really glad I’d had a couple of dress rehearsals though or I wouldn’t have known how to set up the projector quickly and efficiently. I didn’t have any help except for setting up the screen. It was somewhat scrambled at the end with the hands-on portion. I didn’t really have enough time to set out the samples carefully. In retrospect, I should have done that while the executive meeting was going on but thought it wouldn’t take as long as it actually did. Oh well. Oils well that ends well! Done and done.

I got a few comments that I should publish my information. Not as easy as it sounds! At least not in print. I scarfed photos from everywhere and only a few were mine to use. I would have to take all new photos or actually get permission to publish them. Big huge MAJOR job! And I’m sure I would never recoup enough for the work it would take. It already ate up most of January and February as it is! But I might just publish the words (which really are mine) here on the blog with links to further info on the web. Probably I’ll have to do it in a several segments since it’s 15 pages of type! If I give it a unique tag and links in the sidebar then it would be easily accessible. Don’t hold your breath though – this could take a little time to set up.

I’ll take the samples to my Spectrum Study Group as well – likely in April since we’re planning a field trip to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria in March. I know they wanted a closer look and a chance to ask more questions. And several weren’t able to be there last night. Meanwhile I’ll have to put the jumbled samples back together again. I had lots of lovely assistance bagging it all up and putting it back in the basket but I was the one who was just stuffing it in!

On with the rest of my life. The sun is out, the grass is riz, and I have to go do dishes and fill the bird feeder. The chickadees are yelling at me to get a move on, they’re out of sunflower seeds! I can’t vacuum (heh!) because T-Man is working at home. We’ll be going for a walk when he’s done at 2pm. I need some of that fresh air and sunshine and spring blossoms. And I’ve been promising photos, haven’t I?

Don’t feel too envious of our early spring though. It could have disastrous effects on our BC fruit crops if the bursting buds freeze. And it was pretty cold last night too. The Olympic folks are happier anyway now that their snow isn’t disappearing at an alarming rate. Though it’s dreadfully icy up there. And we got another gold medal in ladies speed skating! Whoo-hoo! It was incredibly noisy out there last night will all the fireworks and the extreme sound system blasting forth music at all hours. I’m kind of underslept today. But I’m hoping they all had fun partying without me.


Silk said...

Well done, I knew you would ACE your project...wish i could have been there.... Sheila

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your talk went well.

Anonymous said...

you did good!!A most enjoyable talk. Not a "read" at all