Monday, March 01, 2010

Dragging Ourselves Back To Normal

This town is still totally pumped about that big O-Thingy we just survived! It was wild yesterday, especially after the big hockey game. Everyone was in high celebration mode and I have never seen such a sea of red clothing in my life. My knitting buddies ended up at my neighbour and friend Lauren’s to watch with her family because all the local venues with TV screens were full to bursting. It was fun – even though I had to tink 2 rows of my bison shawl when I got home because I made a mistake near the end of the nail-biting overtime. (Or it could have been the cider.) Totally understandable, huh? Wow, 14 of those big gold disks are ours! Plus a bunch of silver and bronze ones too! I’ve never seen such enthusiastic and patriotic fervour in us usually so laid back Canadians. Whew!

The closing ceremonies were hilarious. What a huge send up of ourselves and all the stereotypes! (I want one of those flying moose. Badly.) It was also cool hearing the fireworks outside as you saw them on the TV screen. Can’t quite see them from here unfortunately. We sighed along with everyone when the flames went out. I could pretty much take or leave the pop music at the end though I was quite pleased to discover the band Hedley who were great. I was also really happy that things quieted down enough for us to get to sleep at 9pm even if it was still wild and crazy downtown. Now we have to get back to what passes for normal around here. Hope some of the good attitudes remain.

In crafty news, I’m near the end of the first (smaller) ball of bison and halfway through the fourth repeat. I’m planning at least 2 more but I’ll wait and see if I think there might be enough for 3 before the edging. Probably safer not attempting that last one. I also want to put some beads in the edge but I can’t quite figure out where to put them yet. I have some lovely root beer seed beads with an iris finish that look great on the soft brown bison colour.

Obviously I’ve halted progress on everything else. I’m nearly up to the heel turns on the second Hedgerow sock and the Green Star Cardi is in time-out after I screwed something up on the back armhole shaping. I have to frog about an inch and a half and I’m feeling grumpy about it.

So I’ll be babysitting the grandbeasties this afternoon while their parents go to the dentist. I’m looking forward to seeing them because it’s been ages since we’ve gotten together. It’s been so long, I have a number of finished projects to give them: socks, legwarmers and hot water bottle cosy. It’ll be lovely to get them off my list.

Oh and The Ninja has 2 more of the Torchwood books for me!

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Sharon in Surrey said...

I'll be glad to see it all back to normal around here too!! I'm about a half mile from the Holland Park venue which tied up all the parking, roads etc & made a hellova racket at nite! Didn't have to watch the hockey game on Sunday - the horns, fireworks, banging & screams made it clear we'd won!! Now if we can only get them all out of town . . . LOL