Friday, April 23, 2010

Bits & Bobs

I have to babysit the grandbeasties shortly so this will be a quick post. I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated because I keep making errors on my Shamrock Cardi’s sleeves and have had to rip out several rows more than once. I’m not paying enough attention. Nearly finished now though. Then I have to sew them in!

My neck has been sore for the last week for some reason. Not sure what I did but gardening and schlepping chairs at the last guild meeting (even when I said I wasn’t going to) may have had something to do with it. It’s making sleeping uncomfortable and hurts every time I turn my head. Hope it’s not the degenerative disc disease thing again. It’s also slowing down my weeding and planting schedule. I don’t want to hold some of these plants much longer or they won’t grow properly. Unfortunately it’s supposed to rain later today and tomorrow. Hopefully Sunday I can get out there, but that means I’ll miss my knitting meet-up yet again. Sigh. Can’t win ‘em all.

Totally on a different subject, I admit to having an odd sense of humour. I like a pun rather than a pratfall. Jokes are mostly lost on me. On the other hand, I do quite enjoy the things that I actually think are amusing. Such as a recent blog discovery. A guy who not only sews for himself, but for his alter ego “cousin Cathy”, who loves to wear ’30’s & ’40’s glamour outfits. As if Franklin Habit actually dressed as Dolores. Too funny.

I also think it’s interesting that old patterns are becoming quite the collectible item. I should go through the stash and get an Etsy shop, huh? Might even make a few bucks. However, most of my good patterns are from the ’80’s. Are they hot fashion again yet? I totally can’t tell. (And shudder to think of those shoulder pads upon shoulder pads coming back.) Nah, I’d probably never get around to all the work it would take to put up a listing, not to mention the packing and posting. One day I’m going to have to do a serious cull though. Probably the Sally Ann will get the benefit instead of me.

What else to babble about? I haven’t gotten my seeds from Richters yet. They said 2-5 working days. I’m impatient, I know but time’s a-wasting. And then I’m hoping Pfaff-y will be ready to take home today but it looks like I won’t get there until tomorrow. Need my handsome chauffeur because I can barely lift the thing. Especially with the recent neck problem. Taking her on the bus is not an option.

More anon. The beasties should be here any time now. I’m looking forward to seeing them. It’s been a few weeks. Too bad T-Man had to work in the office today instead of at home. Or maybe not, because it would be hard for me to keep them out of his way.

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