Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Debbie Double’s Done (Nearly)

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah. The Mistake. I spent about an hour today while I was fresh fixing the mistake on my Multi-Multnomah shawl. It was a bit nerve-wracking because I had to frog back 4 rows and pick up the stitches again. There were an awful lot of loose stitches hanging in the air:


Nice thing about fuzzy wool is that it stays put when you drop it off the needles. This handspun crossbred behaved itself perfectly. I finally got it all picked up again and the error eliminated:


Whew! Now we’re back in business! I’m just about halfway through the yarn so plan to continue the feather-and-fan section ad nauseum until I run out. No point in saving a wee mite of yarn for anything else! I’m quite happy with how it’s coming out and it’s really an easy knit (stupid mistake notwithstanding). Just about as mindless as I feel right now – but much better looking. No wonder so many knitters have done this lovely free pattern. Thank you, Kate Flagg!

Then I spent the rest of this mostly-rainy and rather chilly day dancing some more with Debbie Double. I repaired her bust line a little more, cut out a base from corrugated plastic, got her on her stand, and stuffed the heck out of her with crumpled newspaper. I attached the base piece with more paper tape to blend it in with the rest of her and to hold it in place. I also stuffed her armholes and neck with polyester batting. I really think it helped to have had some experience with dollmaking. After all, Debbie is just a human-sized doll, right? Quite a lot of the same skills are needed anyway. Now all she needs is a cover, which I plan to drape directly on her as soon as I can locate the right fabric in my stash. But so far she looks like this:

Deb and Me

Quite a lot like the person standing behind her, huh? (Pardon the annoying line – it’s the division between two of the 3 mirror sections on my studio door.) We’re actually the same height too. It just doesn’t look like it from the angle the photo was taken. Poor Deb is a little wobbly and wonky but she’s mine-all-mine! Already she’s wearing the unfinished shirt I started to sew about 2 years ago. She couldn’t wait for her cover, impatient wench. Then when she’s all ready, I need to make her…er, I mean me some new threads. Including finishing that languishing shirt.

I also want to mention that I wore one of my new bras today (the nude one) and it was quite comfortable and the straps stayed put just fine. Happy sigh. Guess I got it right for once. I may need to go back for more before they discontinue this style.

It’s bedtime now for this damselfly but first, here’s a shout-out to my darling T-Man, who is training hard in hot and stormy Rochester, NY. Well, actually he’s (hopefully) asleep right now since I’m 3 hours behind his current time zone. Miss ya lots! Hurry home! Two more days. Eternity.

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Mmmm, that handspun is glorious!