Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Yay, Sun!

It turned out to be a much nicer day yesterday than the weatherman predicted. I even got a little weeding done before the grandbeasties (and their parents, of course) showed up. We had a lovely visit! First we went to the little local park then came back and sat on the deck with drinks while Princess Pink painted pictures and Stargazer played with PlayDoh and the toy trucks. We even had to put up the sun umbrella! (On orders from the princess.) Later on we ordered in pizzas for dinner. It was nice to get caught up on everyone’s lives since we hadn’t seen them for awhile. And now I have a happy sunshine painting to put on my fridge.

Which likely helped encourage the sun to come out today. Though it’s not supposed to stick around and tomorrow they’re predicting rain again. Pooh. I should get out there and finish planting a few things that are still holding in pots while I can. Most of what I’ve planted has not remained very healthy from the cool temps and too much rain has just encouraged the baby slugs and other bugs to take advantage of the plants’ weakened state. Sigh. What can you do? You have no control over the weather. I just plants ’em and hopes. I did manage to pick an entire gallon bucket of produce yesterday: lettuce, mizuna, tah tsai, raab, broccoli (first head!), asparagus, endive, and kale. I normally just pick some outer leaves and leave the rest of the plant to continue producing. I find I get more production than pulling the entire plant – at least until it bolts. Then some of the undeveloped flower buds of plants like mizuna and tah tsai are also tasty so I keep picking them too. Lots o’greens are yummy and good for you!

I was going to show a photo of Debbie Double finished but my computer has refused to read the SD card without a reboot, so I’ll save it for next time. I used fabric glue to attach the cord lines on her cover and it worked pretty well. Now. Out to play City Farmer! Make hay while the sun shines – or something like that.


yarnpiggy said...

Pssst...I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award...check out my post today. :o)

Sharon in Surrey said...

Those damned slugs!! I have Hen & chicks planted around my strawberries which is successfully keeping the slugs away! The Hen & chicks are taking over mind you, but the strawberries don't seen to mind. By the way, you ARE taking your zinc aren't you?? I'm sure you are but just in case . . when it works, it's magic!