Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Couple of FOs

Finally, here are the latest finished projects. Just moving right along. I have an ever-expanding list of things I want to make! First up:

Remix Zip-Front Vest

RemixVestFor: me

Begun: January 4, 2011
Completed: February 19, 2011

Yarn: Berroco Remix, 30% nylon/27% cotton/24% acrylic/10% silk/9% linen, colour 3970 (charcoal mix) dyelot 8581, 216 yds (200 m) = 100g. 3 balls (approx 648 yds).

Needles: Addi Lace circulars, 3.5mm and 4.5mm. Bamboo dpns, 3.5mm.

Gauge: 18sts & 28 rows = 4” on 4.5mm needles

Notions: 24” separating zipper, black. Sewing thread, black.

Pattern: Began with the design features from Quincy’s Vest by Leigh Radford (Interweave Knits, summer 2002). Used Knitware software with my personal measurements to draft a new pattern that actually fits.

Comments: Knitware worked really well to make this pattern. It helped that I had a large washed and blocked gauge swatch (aka the Winterdark Sassymetrical Sweater) to use for very accurate gauge numbers. Also had my personal measurements from my previous efforts in patternmaking for sewing. The original sweater was the wrong gauge and would definitely not have fit me properly anyhow. I’m very happy with how this fits.

I was hoping to use a double-ended separating zipper but couldn’t find one that worked the way I wanted. I ended up with a very good match anyway. Stitched it in with a backstitch and then slip-stitched the edge down on the inside. Looks perfect!

Still have nearly 2 balls left surprisingly. This stuff never gets used up! I’m maybe going to make a neck warmer or something like that to hopefully get rid of the last of it.

Then there’s this one that I finished yesterday:

Milady Daughter’s Slippers

MDSlippers For: Milady Daughter

Begun: February 13, 2011

Completed: February 23, 2011

Yarn: vintage Condon’s worsted 2-ply, 100% Canadian wool, colour blue-gray, dyelot 14107203, 200 yds = 4 ounces (113.4g), 2 skeins, used double. Contrast novelty: Schoeller+Stahl Cookie, 42% nylon/41% polyester/17% acrylic, colour 005, dyelot 30991, 73m = 50g, used less than half a ball.

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns, US 11/8 mm

Pattern: Original pattern was Family of Slippers by Chris de Longpré, modified to 36 sts, 6 rnds with novelty, 20 rnds total before plain heel, 10.5” before toe dec, dec to 12 sts (3 per ndl). Just like a large loose sock with stockinette heel and no ribbing. Fulled in the washing machine in hot water and Orvus. Took two wash cycles and a run through a cold rinse cycle. Dried on sweater rack.

Comments: I was going to get her to help felt her own innersoles but realised I had a spare pair left from her dad’s slippers. They just needed the toe trimmed a little. These slippers felted down quite tightly so they are a bit small but should stretch back to fit well. She didn’t want them too loose anyhow. Speaking of which, this is what they looked like before fulling. Big difference!



I’m down to one knitting project (horrors!) which may have the positive effect of getting it done sooner. It’s a biggie:  the Abotanicity Tunic (Knitty link, Ravelry link) by Cassie Rovitti in sock yarn on relatively small needles. I’ve wanted to start this project for ages! I bought the yarn a year ago and then overdyed it from the boring brown and beige. Now it’s kind of variegated purple-browns. I’m about 2/3 of the way down the bodice heading towards the split for the armholes.

I may not be able to stay monogamous for long though. I found a neckwarmer pattern to use up the last of the Remix yarn from the vest. It’s kind of a turtleneck with expanding ribs to cover the shoulders. Easy-peasy. I might need this as a more portable project when Abo gets too big to easily travel.

Off to do the laundry, change the bed (back to flannelette sheets!) and get a little quilt sewing done before heading over to my son’s MIL’s for tea. Unfortunately I didn’t get much done on my quilt yesterday either. I got sidetracked into finishing the slippers and printing out some documentation and when T-Man got home we decided to make use of the sunny weather to go get some groceries – on foot of course. My days are much too short! Why is that?


Sharon in Surrey said...

Love the vest! Now that's a good Walker's vest over the long sleeve shirt & fits you terrifically! I know, I know it isn't a word but neither is Abotanicity which I also like. I'm not sure it's appropriate for the menopausal Apple shape though but should be just fine for you. Happy knitting. You really gonna make it out of sock yarn?????

Louisa said...

Hah! That was a fast comment. I just posted! Were you lurking in wait?

Thanks for the kind comments. I hope to make the AboTunic fit ok and not make me look expectant. There's a trick to not having too much fabric around the middle and maybe starting the skirt a little lower down. We'll see!