Friday, February 25, 2011

Out Of Spring & Into the Deepfreeze

Man! It is COLD here. OK, maybe not as cold as some other places, but for us it’s ridiculous for this time of year. Today I can’t even put my seedling flats out into the greenhouse for fear they will freeze solid. They will just have to live with reduced light but some warmth instead. Suck it up, buttercups brassicas! At least the sun is shining. Not snowing. Yet. The crocuses and catkins want to know whatever happened to their Spring?

My concerns about the fibre folks in New Zealand during the quake have been somewhat diminished by news that my weavers’ guild friend Rene and her hubby were luckily visiting on the North Island and far away. But teachers & authors Anne Field and Margaret Stove sustained some minor damage to their homes and Anne’s studio is in a more hard-hit area so may be more severely damaged. The wheel and loom makers the Ashfords are far enough away in Ashburton from the epicentre that they are just fine. My heart just goes out to those poor people dealing with such loss and devastation. Reminds us that it could happen here in Vancouver too – at any time. Yikes.

So I unfortunately succumbed to starting the Ambitus Neckwarmer pattern by Lankakomero using the leftover Berroco Remix yarn. I’m nearly done the k1/p1 section already! I should have stayed loyal to my AboTunic, but I just couldn’t help myself. At least this thing will be done quickly. Likely just in time for it to warm up around here again.

Meanwhile, I haven’t quite finished sewing together the Watercolour Quilt but I’m hoping to get that far today. I am so wanting to cross that one off the to-do list. There’s still a lot of snipping waiting for me between now and the cross-off though. Onward.

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