Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Can’t Have Everything

You’d think this was a lesson that I should have learned back in kindergarten. If I’d actually gone to kindergarten. Instead I skipped straight into grade one – which was pretty traumatic as I recall. (My parents excuse was that there was no Catholic kindergarten available. That didn’t stop them from sending my two younger siblings to the local public school kindergarten though. I think I was an experiment that they preferred not to repeat.) Anyway, the point of this is that I’ve been learning to let go of a whole lot of “wants”. Not everything, mind you. I still have trouble resisting craft supplies, books, magazines and other stuff related to my Need To Make Things. But I’m finally starting to realise that there is just so much space, time, effort and finances left to me. I might just be close to having enough. Or at the very least slow down the accumulation dramatically.

Case in point: I visited the brand new Anthropologie store that recently opened on South Granville. Before now I’ve only ever looked at their clothes online, mostly as a combination inspiration/wish-book. It’s a lovely two-storey shop, with lots of yummy items for sale in all my favourite colours at fairly reasonable prices, including a few garments that might even actually fit me. But I didn’t buy anything. I inhaled the ambience and walked out. What is wrong with me?

However I did take away some interesting ideas for sewing. I saw neckline and armholes turned and stitched and then a strip of raw-edged bias stitched underneath so the edge stuck out beyond the hem. There was a gorgeous sleeveless dress with similar bias edgings that was like a painter’s canvas with a dreamy scenery on it. There were lots of floaty fabrics: rayon batiste, silks, a scrumptious rust-coloured linen/cotton knit. Pleats, gathers, lace inserts and hems that dipped in back. A favourite was a top that looked like a regular t-shirt in front but the back had a square inset on the diagonal forming a pointy hem. It was nice to actually see things in person instead of on a computer screen. So I might just go back some time and try some things on. I can either walk there or ride my bike.

Probably still won’t buy anything though. I keep imagining how many garments I could sew for the price of a single Anthropologie garment. Unfortunately they usually stay in my imagination. But that’s ok really. I get entertainment value that’s priceless. Doesn’t cost me real money, take up any space in my closet or need washing. Works for me.

Of course my resistance doesn’t work for everything! I did succumb to the new eMag from Interweave called Colorways. I’ve downloaded and installed it but haven’t read it yet (it’s on my big computer for ease of viewing) and I’m looking forward to reviewing it for you. I also ordered some books that I’ve been contemplating for awhile. Chapters/Indigo promised to use another carrier since Canada Post is being ornery so I hope to get my package soon. (See, posties? You are not doing yourselves any favours by striking. You’ve forced us to consider even more alternatives! Not smart.) Yes, I know books take up more of my ever-dwindling shelf space. I may need to box up a few vintage publications soon and relegate them to the attic. No, I’m not going to get rid of them. I might need them some day.

Somehow I manage to read all my books cover to cover but neglect to watch videos. Even if I’m totally interested in the subject and have them installed on my computer for months! Yesterday I discovered one that I’d completely forgotten that I’d already purchased. Way back in September of last year. Sheesh. What does this say about me? As my late mommy would say, I have more money than brains. (Zombies ate my brainzzzzz….)

I’m not so good with video podcasts either. I am so far behind on those things that I will never catch up. Not so bad with regular podcasts since I listen to them while gardening. (David Reidy’s lovely Australian diction goes perfectly with pulling weeds! Seriously.) But if I have to both watch and listen at the same time, it’s just not happening. It takes a lot more involvement on my part and I can’t really do anything else at the same time. When I’m reading, I can speed over the bits I’m not so interested in or already know and skip to the juicy bits. I can even fade out while listening to audio and perk up when it gets more interesting. It’s harder with a video. If I fast-forward I miss stuff I might really want to see. I usually end up saying to the screen “Alright! Just cut to the chase, hon’”! Not terribly productive, huh? She can’t hear me.

Well, I’d best get to the vacuuming that I’ve been putting off for days and days. Unless I can find yet another excuse to avoid it? Put away yesterday’s laundry? Wash the huge sink full of dirty dishes? It’s not raining so I could go play in the garden…


Evelyn said...

Some of those anthropologie clothes are great - but as you say pricey and I have never (no once only) spent that much on a garment! I am amazed at how much knitting you get done and your Rosebud looks so sweet in the watermelon cardi.

Louisa said...

I'm amazed myself! I'm not a fast knitter but I'm persistent. And yes, those chubby cheeks are absolutely irresistibly adorable, aren't they? Can't help but make her new things.