Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is There A Plumber In The House?

Just a quick note to say that we have Big Trouble in the pipe department around here. On Friday the kitchen sink stopped up. It had been getting worse over the last month and no amount of boiling water poured down seemed to help. I warned T-Man that last time that happened (while he was away on business) it had completely blocked up the minute I used the plunger. This time was no different! Unfortunately this time my cure (lye from the dye chemical stash) did absolutely no good.

No slouch in the fix-it department (though annoyed and reluctant), T took things apart, snaked and poured and scooped and dumped – all to no avail. So he went and got a better snake and a replacement piece for a pipe that broke in the kafuffle. Finally the sink drained but…it filled up the sink below in the basement instead! The clog is still there but it just moved down the line. More draining and snaking but it’s still blocked. Sigh.

So coffee, tea and breakfast have been a bit of a challenge this morning. We can’t run the water or pour anything in any of our three sinks. That leaves only the toilet and the bathtub. At least we can pee and shower! But I have dishes piling up and I don’t relish doing them in the bathtub. T has to work tomorrow which only leaves today for him to finally fix it. I can’t really help much except to do clean up (black goo, yum!) or I’ll just be in the way. However so far he is still in bed, in his dressing gown, reading a book. Do you think he’s avoiding the problem?

Me too.


Sharon in Surrey said...

You need a WATER SNAKE. Did the job on my massive clog. You hook it up to the tap, plug the sink & shove the snake into the hole in the trap & turn on the water. Pressure builds up when the balloon fills & blasts the clog to Kingdom Come!! You get a little water on the kitchen floor but who doesn't need to clean the floor . . . It's like a miracle!!

Louisa said...

I don't think I mentioned kitchen counters anywhere and I'm not planning on replacing my 80-year-old glass tiles any time soon. Do you have a real point to your comment? This sounds like spam to me!