Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick Update

Sorry, this is another picture-less post. I’ve been wanting a photo of my new dress for you but it’s dark and dreary and not too conducive to taking pictures. However, the plumbing is fixed! Whoo-hoo! T-Man and his new plumber’s snake did the trick. Then we cleaned up and put the kitchen sink area back to rights. I washed a huge bunch of dishes that had collected over the days of No Drains. All is well and it works better than ever now. Amazing how we get used to something functioning a certain way and don’t really notice as it gets slowly worse. But we sure notice when it doesn’t work At All any more. Kudos to T and his many fine talents! It took him a lot of work and spoiled his weekend but it sure saved us a huge plumbing bill. Our house might be nearly 80 years old but it’s ours and we try to take care of it.

Speaking of which, today is general cleanup day around Damselfly’s Pond. The weather is still iffy – as in it sprinkles on us every time we step out the door, but is fine if we stay in. We’re expecting some sun this afternoon. I’ll believe it when I see it. I need to vacuum and clean the bathroom since I have a meeting of my weavers’ guild’s Equipment Rental people (of which I am the Spinning Department) tomorrow morning. We are to decide what stays and what goes and where it goes to. I think. Perhaps I should bake cookies.

I also need to get out to the garden to pick a few things (snow peas! lettuce! baby squashes?) and tidy up the dye garden. The big second-year weld plant sadly collapsed in the rains and is just about ready for harvesting anyway. I want to keep a little of the flowering tops to ripen for more seeds so I’ll have to re-stake it. Also in the seed department, I need to collect the woad and Chinese woad seeds and get the rest of the second-year bolted plants composted before I get accused of letting them get loose on the world. The horror. Heh. Despite the cool rainy weather most of the plants are growing quite well, particularly the Japanese indigo and the calendulas. Now we just need some sun and heat to bring out the colour. At least I haven’t had to water much recently.

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