Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Crisis Narrowly Averted

Yesterday I lost my wallet. It dropped out of the zipper pocket on my backpack. I had just gone to the grocery store only 3 blocks from my house, paid for the groceries, carefully zipped up the pocket on my wallet, shouldered the pack and walked home. It fell out somewhere on that homeward journey.

I’d just gotten in the door and put my pack down when I noticed the pocket was flapped open. My wallet was gone! I looked everywhere including going all the way back to the store with T-Man. Nope. Nothing. Panic.

After walking all the way back home again we started calling to put holds on the credit cards and block my credit union accounts. There were cheques in my wallet which caused the advisor on the phone to suggest the block. Now we were effectively penniless! I spent a lot of time on the internet trying to figure out which replacement cards I needed to apply for first. I carry a lot of my life around in that wallet. Makes me rather vulnerable I think.

A couple of hours later T went to turn on the front porch light. You know, just in case a Good Samaritan had returned my wallet? And there it was on the porch beside the front door. Even though the bills and bus tickets were gone, as far as I can tell the rest is all still there – including several dollars in change! You can imagine my relief. The credit cards are reinstated but I have to go in today to get them to release my bank account in person. Besides I need to withdraw some cash.

So this was an expensive and stressful lesson. I’m not very happy with this backpack. I’ve only had it for a few months and the zippers are metal and hard to zip up but they unzip way too easily! Besides it’s already looking ratty. I’m on a hunt for a better one. Meanwhile I’ve moved my wallet to a different pocket. Hopefully it will be better behaved in future.

Now I’m totally nervous to see what happens next because this is not the first of these incidents of lost possessions! A month ago T-Man lost his wallet, discovered while we were out when he went to pay for a purchase. Luckily it was at home in his computer chair. Next he lost his cell phone while we were out shopping. After backtracking our route he located it in a store where it had dropped off and been turned in. Whew. Then just a short while before my wallet went walkies, he found he’d misplaced his house keys. We found them in the basement near his bike where he’d dropped them after coming in the day before. He was wet from the rain and was stripping off gear to hang to dry. Enough already! No more lost items, OK?

I’m done. I have to babysit the Littlest Grandbeastie today and she’ll be here soon. Apparently she’s all rashy from some virus. Poor baby. Wish me well. I may be taking her to a doctor’s appointment. In the rain.

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