Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Tunical Roster

Heather asked which patterns I used to sew the tunics that I’ve been enjoying wearing. Unfortunately I can’t just give pattern numbers because a lot of these are self-drafted from my basic slopers. But I can show you what they look like.


This one is from November last year. Fabric is a polyester slinky knit.


This one is from April in a heavy cotton/lycra knit. It gets the most compliments.


This one in acetate slinky is a refashion but is based on the black and white slinky tunic.

Pocket Tunic

This one is also based on the black and white one in a soft novelty knit (not sure of the fibre content). I added pockets.


This one from April last year in sweat shirt fleece was supposed to be a dress but it’s too short so I wear it as a tunic. This one has a pattern (Butterick 5244) but the pockets are my own design and I left off the collar.

Tie-Dye Tunic4

I found another one from July 2011 with a pattern (Butterick 5362, OOP), though I did some serious reshaping of the shoulders and neck. I like it even better now that I added pockets. It’s a me-dyed cotton jersey.


And lastly my most recent one, #21 from I Am Cute Dresses in stretch cotton twill.

I’m trying to analyse what I like about these tunic/jumpers. They are somewhat close-fitting in the bodice but the skirts have lots of room for comfortable movement. All but the last blue one are knits though the blue one has some lycra content for stretch. All but the red one will fit over and/or under other top layers which is great for colder months. I can wear any of them with lots of different pants or skirts. I like to hope they actually look better on me in real life than they appear in the photos! But maybe not. Heh.

This week I finished another remake. This one began with a tunic from the 1980’s that I kept through a number of purges because I so loved the corduroy fabric. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before-photo (bad damselfly!) so you’ll have to image that it had loose kimono (cut-on) elbow-length sleeves, a square neck and was too tight in the bust. It also had some bleach spatters, one prominently on the front. I discovered it while looking for something else (as usual!) and had a flash inspiration that I wanted to make it into a skirt:


I chopped it off, repaired the hem where it was coming loose, added pannier pockets cut from the back bodice and sewed an elastic casing. The only hard part was threading the elastic. It wouldn’t slide on the fabric and I was afraid I was going to wear holes in the fabric before I could work it through and get the fullness evened out with my fingers. I obviously made the casing slightly too narrow! Persistence paid off though and I’m wearing it right now as I type. Very soft and comfy and comes just at the top of my knee. I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t implode in the laundry because the fabric is so old. You can kinda tell I’ve liked rusty red for a very long time, can’t you?

In other crafty news, I finished my Leafy Nicolai Scarf and it’s all blocked but still drying. Takes awhile this time of year! I also started two new projects: a hat (Purl Beret from Purl Bee) in the same green variegated yarn as the Nicolai which should hopefully use it all up and a second pair of Fitted Mitts from the rest of the Panda Cotton skeins. I’m making the cuffs shorter so hopefully there will be enough yarn to finish these which will maybe become another gift. I think I’ve given up on the Red Hedgerow Mitts because they are not going well. I don’t like the way the increases look and the two mitts are too different because of uneven dye job. It’s not mine either! I’ll probably frog them when I figure out what else to make with this yarn. Another hat?

We had a Snow Day yesterday. T-Man had promised to take his mom out to visit her sister in Abbotsford but it didn’t happen. Just as well since the big dump of snow followed by freezing and not-so-freezing rain made the roads into total gong show. Nobody in this city knows how to drive in the snow. Of course it doesn’t help when big chunks of ice fall off the new Port Mann bridge onto the cars below and trucks get stuck trying to go up hills so nobody can get past them. We would have been driving across that bridge if we had been stupid enough to go. And then we would have been blocked from coming back that way after they closed the bridge. So we stayed home, did laundry, read and drank tea in comfort. Crisis averted. Auntie still needs a visit though.

Today I went to my guild’s Christmas Party. We were a few people short unfortunately because the roads were still pretty bad in some places. Those who managed to make it had a great time! We ate goodies, shared little gifts, had show-and-tell and even sang a carol. Very festive. My blue and rust heart decoration went to a new home with my buddy Bonnie and in return I got a cute little needle book with a handwoven cover (more hearts!) from Barbara. Sorry haven’t had time or light enough to take a photo.

Hope everyone has a Happy Solstice – Winter or Summer depending on which hemisphere you’re on! Here it’ll be at 3:12am PST tonight. Guess that’s actually tomorrow morning, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to a little more daylight even though it’s a rather imperceptible shift. Just knowing we’re heading out of the dark is good enough for me. If the weather is half-decent (aka not dumping rain, cold is acceptable) we may be going to the Lantern Parade tomorrow evening which is always fun. Fire dancers, Morris Men, mummers, music and merriment.



Sharon in Surrey said...

You know, basically, I hate your tunics. They're shapeless, too long, dull & make you look really bulky through the middle when you're not! I do like the red one because it's fitted to your bust & shoulders & you can see your shape! AND not a bad shape at all, neither!! I was surprised at how much younger you look in the red dress too. I think you could make that pattern a little bigger in the bodice, take out the sleeves & use it as a tunic quite nicely in the winter with a long sleeve microfibre shirt & leggings & in the summer with a short sleeve shirt & leggings. You don't need bulk with microfibre, wool jersey or silk noil around. You can buy cotton/lycra & make your own leggings very inexpensively & have bright patterned leggings under a solid dress. By the way, good luck with the flowered corduroy!! I remember it well.

Louisa said...

So don't mince words. Tell me how you really feel, Sharon! LOL!! I think part of the problem is that I take crappy photos. Yes, the camera does lie. However, I appreciate your advice.

Louisa said...

Part of my reply got lost. I meant:

I appreciate your advice. But that doesn't mean I have to take it! ;)

Jean at said...

And Happy Solstice to you! For me it doesn't mean much since I'm in the sunny south. In fact, today is the first coat day this year. I don't like the excessive heat that's prevalent most of the year so I wouldn't mind being stuck in this weather for a moment.

I enjoy seeing your projects and am totally impressed with your year-end tally on the previous post. Very, very cool!! I understand you and my sister say hello occasionally on Ravelry. That's pretty cool, too!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Well, you did ask what we thought!! I just think you need more color in your wardrobe - the red is great on you - AND you said you got the most compliments on it!!!! Hint, hint, hint . . .

pao said...

I love your tunics and am into them myself (and layering). Although I haven't used stretch knits yet because I find them too clingy generally. I'm trying to venture into the stuff though. I haven't really paid attention to sny similarities with mine. I suppose they aren't really fitted anywhere! I'd have to go back and look. Have you tried wearing them over skirts and dresses too? I like that look.

Louisa said...

Sharon, I like colours but I like 'em murky and earthy and deep. Bright and clear doesn't sing to me the same way. To each her own I guess!

Pao, some knits are very nice and easy to wear without clinging. They aren't as hard to fit either! I find myself using them a lot but I'm getting pickier about quality. And yes I'm making more skirts and definitely need more dresses!