Monday, June 24, 2013

Technical Difficulties

I’m back! We’ve been gallivanting down to Bellingham, WA and the Western Washington University to the Association of Northwest Weavers Guild’s biannual conference. We camped out in the old VW van at Larrabee State Park in the pouring rain with the trains running by day and night. It was actually fun except for the part where everything was totally damp.

I went shopping on the vendor floor (not that I need much in the way of stash enhancement) and we checked out all the exhibitions. I didn’t bother registering for the conference. That way I could actually buy a few things! Right now though my netbook computer’s mouse is broken and I hate-hate-hate this dang touchpad! I’m editing my gazillion photos on the big desktop. Until I get a new mouse (very soon!) there will be radio silence in Damselfly’s Pond. Be back asap.

Oh, and in case I forget later – HI MARLENE!!! (She’s one of my Secret Readers who very sweetly stopped me to tell me in person. I love that!)

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