Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quick Update

Sorry no pictures today because I’m too lazy to get out the camera. Bad blogger. However I thought I’d mention that my pulled muscle healed very quickly and I’m back to normal. Yay! Thank you all for your Good Thoughts for me! So apart from occasional long walks I’ve been in kind of a mellow mood, reading a lot (Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files wizard fantasy series) and slowly pegging away at the garden, my knitted gloves collection and the Rainbow Dark wool project. None of them are anywhere near finished but that’s OK. It’s not a race, right? The Tilton Skirt and the Devore Jacket are still on hold. Plus I haven’t even started preparing for the two 1-day kumihimo workshops I’m supposed to be instructing here next month. I don’t know if I even mentioned that here yet?

My weavers’ guild asked me to teach a class for them in kumihimo. As you may know, I kind of got burned out on the teaching thing several years ago and have been laying low but this time my arm was twisted I acquiesced. Judging by the enthusiasm shown it was a very welcome choice too. We filled 2 classes of 6 participants each with a waiting list in case I decide to do one more session this summer. Don’t know why but I’m quite surprised at this. I can never judge what people will be interested in since it’s usually quite different from my choice! Also, contrary to everyone’s expectations we’ll be working on the marudai (round stand) instead of cardboard or foam disks. I know those are more portable but that is definitely not my favourite way to braid. The movements on the marudai are so much smoother and easier and tension is automatic. I certainly make far less mistakes. Also there are a lot more braid structures that you can do and with the option of more diverse materials. On the disk you often have to move strands in order to put new ones in their place which adds more motions. On the marudai a quick flick of the fingers as you place the new strands makes room for them. I always say that it’s like a dance with your hands. It can be very relaxing.

I already have sets of improvised equipment which includes a marudai (folding stool with a hole drilled in the centre of the seat), bobbins (big nuts and bolts), counterweight bag and a chopstick. I think there are still enough for 10 but I wanted to keep the classes to only 6 because we’re having it here and there’s not a lot of room. If we’re lucky the weather will be good enough so we can convene on my back deck. It’ll be fun! Have I mentioned that I haven’t done any kumihimo at all since the bookmark I did for the memorial for my deceased Japanese friend over a year ago? And none at all for quite a few years before that either. Good thing it somehow comes pretty easily for me even though I swear I do NOT have a 3-D brain! I’d better bone up a bit first though. And make sure I have everything I need including printing up the notes and worksheets. Luckily I’ve done this one before so not a lot of editing will be necessary. Now I just have to get in gear and do it, right? Right. I still have nearly 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, it’s the middle of a holiday long weekend here in Canada (Victoria Day). Not that it matters to retired people. Every day is a long weekend. Or it’s all work days. Depends on your perspective! This particular holiday is the kick-off to summer – the Canadian equivalent of Memorial Day but without all the heavy overtones. (We save that for Remembrance Day on November 11.) Apparently Victoria Day is a particularly Canadian thing, celebrating the birthday of a dead monarch in a country that is actually quite divided on the British monarchy issue. Quebec calls it National Patriots Day because, hey, they don’t do British anything. Whatever. Happy Birthday, Vicky! Oh wait. It’s not really your birthday until next Saturday, is it? Also Happy Birthday to Lizzie! And you guessed it. It’s not really the Queen’s birthday either (that would be April 21) but we add her onto the celebration anyway. Why not? Political opinions notwithstanding we Canadians mostly just relax, have a barbeque or a picnic, watch a parade or fireworks, drink a beer or several and enjoy a day off if possible. Here’s to summer! Unless it’s raining you’ll probably find me in the garden.

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pao said...

So glad to hear it was a quick mend. Your workshops sound amazing. Are you traveling them to Chicago any time soon?? Hope your Victoria Day was as relaxing as you wanted.