Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Project Continues

Just checking in to say "We're still not done yet"! Here's the current state of the dining room:

Yes, you'll notice that I finally got the Hipstamatic app on the iPad. It even makes the mess look interesting, doesn't it? Thom is currently off to buy more paint and rollers. Unfortunately we have to do another coat on a wall or two. Bleh. And we haven't even begun to tackle the living room yet. At least the hallway is finished, including the floor polished. And up the stairs to the second floor is done though the wrought iron railing is still off and needs to be repainted. Yeah, I know - wrought iron curlycues are so 1960's! I love it.

We're now a couple of days behind thanks to a weekend overnighter with the Littlest Grandbeastie. Nearly-five-year-olds are so much fun! It was a break from The Project but we're both running out of steam. Gotta pace yourself, right? Speaking of which I'd best get my rear in gear and be ready to dive in when Thom returns.

The good news? I actually finished chopping up the madder! Waiting for the last bit to dry and then I'll give you a look and a final harvest weight. Nice to complete something anyway.


Sharon in Surrey said...

Some people are cutting off the curlykews & just leaving the straight parts but I think you should paint them silver. Celebrate them. You're just not brave enough to paint them in a bright color, are you??? LOL

Guess what??? I hollered across my favorite cafe this morning!!! Part of the fun are the discussions that get going some days. If you want to participate, you have to shout over the fans/noise/waitress. Haven't been able to do that for years. It just felt so right!!!

Louisa said...

There are no straight parts! I'll show you when it's back in place. However it never occurred to me to paint the wrought iron any other colour! Interesting. I'll keep it in mind for next time - if there is one.

Congrats on getting your voice back, Sharon!