Tuesday, December 01, 2015

I Think I See A Light

There is an end in sight! At least as far as getting the living area back in a functioning state. Floor polishing is ongoing:

That's an 80-year-old oak floor. It's in pretty good shape in the centre where the area rug covers but the edges are scratched and dulled. We aren't planning to strip and sand so we're just doing the best we can to clean and wax. Good enough. The dining area has a dark oil-stained hemlock wood floor that can be refinished a little easier but most of it will be covered with the new rug we bought. The old one was completely worn out! We also got another small rug for the front entry hall. They are sadly not wool like the ones they are replacing but not bad for polyolefin (aka plastic). Yes, they also have no green credits but real wool rugs are much harder to find these days and are way over our current budget. Sigh. We'll just have to live with the bad karma.

Did I mention that we also had to go back 3 times for more paint? Just two coats took 4.5 gallons! That's a lot of painting, eh? We're both getting pretty tired of this project at this point.

So, on a completely different note here is the final results of the 2015 madder harvest:

Ain't it purdy? That's a total of 428g (just under a pound) of finely chopped and dried root from just under 3 kilos of freshly dug ones. Quite a reduction in volume, no? I'm somewhat deflated by the realisation that current market value is only about $20. Seems like a lot of work for so little but I consider it like fine wine. It has terroir. And provenance. Plus it's guaranteed organic. Mine. Mine. Mine!

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