Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bullet Points

I had a lovely Valentines Day today. Minus any of the commercial blather of course. Simply home with my sweetheart. Perfect. Meanwhile I have a few thoughts that are itching to get out of my head. Hence the bullets. Or plus signs since this half-arsed blog app doesn't actually have bullet points. Bleh. Anyhow.

+ I've decided that I quite like my new Twist Shrug. Over the right layer at least. It blocked flat surprisingly and smells devine. Like I'm walking in the forest. Sigh. If only. More soon when I can get a photo. Oddly enough one needs light for that. 

+ We bit the bullet (the other metaphoric kind) and bought a new dryer. It's a Maytag. Hopefully it lives up to the advertising? Regardless it'll be delivered on Friday. We paid the extra $50 for some muscles to haul it in. I hope that was worth it. Who knew one needed a steam option in one's dryer? I thought the point was to remove moisture?

+ I watched several Craftsy classes today while madly knitting on my Featherstonehaugh. The latest one by the Tilton Sisters contains several gems in the way of T-shirt design options: colour-blocking, neckband/collar options, cuffs and doubled mesh bodies. I wish they would do something similar with woven shirts. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. This one was pretty inspirational anyway. Unfortunately the pattern that goes with the class isn't going to get here for awhile yet.

+ I also watched (or tried to watch) Kathleen Cheetham's "Custom Fitting: Back, Neck and Shoulders". That's really the part of fitting that is most important to my body shape. She's an experienced instructor (Canadian too!) and very careful and clear at explaining and demonstrating her material. So why do I want to scream and pull out my hair when I'm watching her poke holes, snip paper with scissors, draw lines with a French curve and speak slowly so everyone can understand? Aaaakkk! So. Stinkin'. Sllloooooooooooowwwwww. Kathleen's "Adjust the Bust" class had the exact same effect. I'm sure it's just me. No? I guess I really want more "why" and less "how". I've been using tape and scissors for awhile now so I think I can handle that part OK.

+ On the other hand, I did really enjoy watching the fashion draping course with Paul Gallo. Regular flat pattern-making is so time-consuming but makes sense to me. Working in 3D is so out of my comfort zone but I feel as if I really need that freer technique to complete my clothing visions. I was totally surprised to see that draping is actually quite a lot quicker yet still accurate. However you need a good dress form - which is where my old buddy Debbie Double comes in. I ain't no standard size 10! Other items needed are a sharp pencil, muslin, pins and style tape which looks like skinny electrician's tape and I can't locate locally. Haven't finished perusing this one yet.

+ Whilst I was watching classes, Featherstonehaugh magically increased by another entire row of fans. One more row of partial fans and I can finish it off. I've been carefully weighing the remaining yarn and crossing my fingers that I won't run out before the end. There's no more of this yarn for love nor money. And I want to use it all.

+ I want to start something new! I have a plan.

+ Couldn't leave you with only words! A friend sent me this picture. No idea about its source but it makes me smile. Enjoy.



Sharon in Surrey said...

You could try PAINTER'S TAPE. It can be repositioned & might work.

Louisa said...

You need to be able to feel it through the muslin so it might need two layers to be thick enough. Plus it needs to be 1/4" or less in width and bright or contrasting enough to see on my dress form cover - which is near-black. Maybe painters tape or I'm thinking maybe one of those coloured electricians tapes cut in strips might work.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Oh! I was thinking about having to reposition it, why do you have to feel it???? Did I say I liked your 'bullets'??? Nice & neat. Not all over the place like me. LOL

Louisa said...

Well you do have to remove it when you're done. But the point of the tape is to mark design lines on the form so you can pin the muslin pieces over top and feel the lines through it to get everything lined up and pinned correctly. Am I making sense?

I don't think yours are all over the place! We're just making our thoughts come out in list form. Who cares if they are all unrelated to each other? We are the bosses of our blogs! Yes.