Sunday, October 30, 2016


I'm counting these posts just to see how many I can get to before I run out of steam. Hah! I'll also try to post the regular stuff (progress reports, FOs, holidays etc.) separately. Just so the WWW-MMM ones don't take so long to produce!

Today you will notice that it's actually bright outside. I got out to play in the garden but won't show you my rubber boots and gloves. I put on my sweater when I got inside because it's colder in here!


pao said...

ooo, that is so pretty in the light. You actually knitted that? Still something I can't wrap my head around, knitting, that is. Amazing skills.

Louisa said...

Thanks for the compliment, sweetie! Knitting isn't really hard just slow. One advantage is if you make it wrong you can unravel it! And yes, I dyed the yarn too. It's superwash sock yarn and this used to be a tunic but stretched longer so now it's a dress. Good thing I like even better this way, huh?