Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween! Hope you're all avoiding being eaten by zombies and werewolves. I myself am channelling the Great Pumpkin today. At least it's warm, if not especially flattering. Comfort counts.

  • Pumpkin sweatshirt, MM
  • Ancient brown ribbed turtleneck, SB
  • Brown French-terry pants, MM
  • Brown Retro-Rib Socks, MM
  • Undies (bra, panties, sock liners), SB
  • Birkies, Me-Painted

It's been raining all day here. I feel sorry for the little ones who will be trying not to trip over their soggy costumes tonight. Oh well, at least we get to eat any leftover candies!

Tomorrow - a new month. Anyone notice where October went?


Melanie said...

Your boro bag is spectacular. And I also love your pumpkin sweatshirt. I think it looks chic! And the computer switcheroo - you have my sympathies. I have some computers years and years old that I could still use if I could update them - but I can't. My latest laptop's hard drive failed and the sales guy and "fix-it" guy said they are only designed to last two to four years now. !!! That's an outrage. Hahaha. I'm in a delicate way technologically right now. I hope you love your new desktop setup.

Louisa said...

Thank you, sweetie - for all the compliments! And for the sympathy too. I'm with you, things should last longer than only a couple of years. I feel bad enough recycling my poor old XP computer. It still works! Just not fast enough for today's expectations.

pao said...

Your boro bag is sooo cool, Louisa. I don't even want to talk, let alone think about computers - or the election. I like your sweatshirt, if you can call it that. Did you make the design up, or is it from a pattern, or both?

Louisa said...

The pattern began with Katherine Tilton's B6101 but I modified it a lot.

Election? What election?