Thursday, November 17, 2016

Another Day, Same Old Me

You don't seem to be getting tired of me photographing my daily outfits yet. I'm actually amazed at that because although it's gotten a lot easier for me (even though my remote still hasn't shown up) I don't really think I'm sharing anything very novel or exciting. It's just me wearing my normal clothes on a normal day! Or as Popeye would say, "I yam what I yam". Thanks bunches for the encouragement though. Otherwise I'd give this up in a heartbeat. Or maybe not...

Anywho, here's today's offering:

You've seen all this before except for:

  • Rainbow Dark cardigan, MM (and Thom made the toggle button)
  • Brown Blundstone boots
  • Not shown: knitted Socks Naturally, MM (dyed with botanical dyes, some from my garden)

Dressed for: This evening's weavers' guild meeting

In other news, remember all the mistakes I've been making in my knitting? Yup. Did it again. I managed to find yet another mistake in my sweater that caused me to rip it back 2" to where I divided for the sleeves and body. Guess I shouldn't have done that part while under the influence of a migraine and a chattering five-year-old, huh? I have trouble counting stitches at the best of times. However I'm now correct and back up to where I left off now so all is well. Gee, if this keeps up this simple sweater is going to take as much time to finish as the last complicated one! Go figure.

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pao said...

mmm, mmm you look warm and stylish.