Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WWW-MMM Whatever

Well, I'm starting to feel like my usual pace of making things has slowed down to a ridiculous crawl. I have barely even knitted for more than a half-hour or so a day! Now that's something to take note of. I did start winding the blanket warp a few days ago but didn't really get very far on it. Since then I haven't touched it. Still have only one crab claw. Haven't touched the Smurf socks. What gives? All I want to do is sit and read a book. Maybe it's the time of year? Apart from an occasional hint of sunlight it's been very dark and dismal. Anyway it doesn't really matter. It's not like I have any deadlines to meet! Stuff gets done whenever.

You've already seen most of the pieces in today's outfit before:

  • Galloping Gail shawl, MM (handspun bison down, yum!)
  • Still Dark tunic, MM
  • Brown turtleneck and pants from yesterday, SB & MM
  • Undies (panties), MM
  • Lace socks, MM
  • Fuzzy slippers, MM

Dressed for: Knitting a second crab claw (before I forget how to do it)

I was a little chilly in my studio yesterday and it's even a little cooler today so I put on lots more wool. So far I'm comfy! That bison scarf is super toasty warm.

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pao said...

It's just how we ebb and flow, Louisa. And it doesn't matter if you've worn the items before, it's how you put them together that's so cool. Like this ensemble.