Sunday, November 06, 2016

Progress and WWW-MMM 8

Well, I finally managed to get a better handle on my knitting. Or at least some of it. Actually concentrating does wonders! The sweater is back on the needles and moving ahead again - without errors this time. I hope. The critter knitting is also finally coming along. It only took frogging it a whole 7 times! I found out I needed a better method of short rows, one that I could actually see from the purl side of the work and not mix up with the bars that show on the knit-into-the-front-and-back stitches. This tutorial from Cocoknits did the trick: using yarn-overs instead of wrap-and-turn. The YOs are much easier to see and deal with in such fiddly knitting. Yay! Just proves you need more than one arrow in your quiver, doesn't it? I'm halfway through a shell:

I know. Doesn't look like much, does it? Believe me, that represents a lot of frustration struggle despair work! The yarn is handspun and hand-dyed and from Deep Stash. More to come. This is going to be a slow make!

Meanwhile, back at the daily outfits:

  • Grey wool pinstripe shirt, MM (Marcy Tilton's V8709, lengthened)
  • Purple henley shirt, SB (ancient!)
  • Faded black baggy yoga pants, SB (also ancient!)
  • Knit socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Bra, MM
  • Black Birkies

Have you noticed that I seem to have lost my Sewjo somewhere? I haven't been tempted at all to get back to the sewing machine. Perhaps all that bag making before we left on vacation burned me out for a bit? I'm sure it'll come back eventually. Meanwhile I'm playing with wool instead. After all, it is Wovember!


Sharon in Surrey said...

I really like that Grey Pinstripe shirt!! Nice length on you too. I would make more of them!!!!

Louisa said...

Those Tilton patterns have about a gazillion pieces to them and are a ton of work to sew. I think you like it because I'm also wearing purple! I do have a blue vest version from the same pattern. I might make another one some day. They are easy to wear.

pao said...

Ah, another Tilton, as a jacket. I do have to make one. Yours looks great.