Monday, November 07, 2016


I'm starting to lose track of the numbers in these posts. Perhaps I'll just give up counting them after this, huh? This one is a quickie anyhow. Things to do; places to be.

  • Grey alpaca tweed Larch cardigan, MM
  • Black/grey jumper, MM (self-drafted, poly knit)
  • Purple henley T-shirt, SB (underneath where you can't see it!)
  • Faded black baggy yoga pants, SB
  • Knitted wool socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Black Blundstone boots
  • Not shown - Water-resistant Minoru jacket, MM (a Sewaholic pattern)

Dressed for: Walking downtown to see "Doctor Strange" at the movies. Hopefully the rain will hold off. But if not, I'll be ready. If you stayed in when it rained around here, you'd never ever go anywhere!


Heather said...

I love your outfits - very comfy looking and fresh/funky/unique at the same time.If I ever need a stylist, I will hire you!

Louisa said...'re so sweet to say that, Heather! You know I don't dare tell anyone else how to dress because I always think my taste is rather out of the normal range. Heh.

pao said...

Out of the normal range is the best, Lousia. yeah.