Friday, November 04, 2016

To The Frog Pond + WWW-MMM 6

Sigh. I have been having no luck lately with my knitting projects. I currently have 3 things on the needles and none of them are cooperating. I think my mind has not been on my work.

I'm comforted by this quote from Clara Parkes on the Mason/Dixon blog:

Frogging is one of the great things about knitting. It’s the perfect “erase” button, allowing us to undo our mistakes and redo them as if nothing happened.

Yup, like this:

That was over half of my current sweater gone in 5 minutes. I found an irreconcilable error way way back. Obviously I haven't been looking at my knitting very closely! And that's not all. My Indigo Skyp Socks (aka Smurf Socks) have yet another error. Bleh. I have pulled out more than I've knit on those. And it's only a 2-row pattern. Doh. If this issue doesn't resolve soon they are going to become plain socks in a hurry. I'm running out of patience.

And that's still not all. This is as far as I got yesterday at Spectrum on my sea critter:

This is the third try and it's still not right. Hello! I can't count and chat! The patterns in this book "Amigurumi Knits" by Hansi Singh are very detailed and as anatomically correct as knitting can get at this scale. There is a lot of increasing and short-rowing and kitchener stitching. Much better suited to quiet and concentration. I kind of knew that when I started. The critters are very cute anyway.

Good thing I not only like to have Finished Objects but I'm happy with the process of knitting too. Also determination and persistence will help get these projects back on track. Or else I'll frog them completely! They have been warned. Mwa-ha-ha!


Thank you all for your kind comments! I know you want more details about the garments but since some of these have been around forever, I would have to do a heck of a lot of research to tell you much more about them. Many of the more recent garments have been blogged at some point though. At least with the knitting, I can easily link you to their Ravelry page unless they pre-date October 2007 when I joined. I'll try to make the photos bigger if that helps. Also more daylight would be good! I'm not in charge of the sunshine (or lack thereof) however and I don't want to fuss too much with these photos or I won't keep doing them. It's got to be easy and quick or it won't happen. So, you'll just have to bear with me, huh?

Today's outfit:

  • Mahogany tweed Falklands Flare pullover, MM (handspun and hand knitted)
  • Navy long pointy-hem tunic, MM (self-drafted pattern, cotton knit)
  • Navy leggings, SB (ancient!)
  • Knitted socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Undies (bra and panties), MM (self-drafted)
  • Brown Blundstone boots

Also, note to dear pao - many of my sewn garments are knits but definitely not all. For instance, the Issey Miyake baggy pants are woven rayon faille. That might not have been obvious. I'll try at least to include more fabric and pattern info for you. Also I'm going to leave out the undies from now on unless they are me-made. I'm getting bored of typing all that. Heh.

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pao said...

Alrighty then. Thanks for the added info, Louisa. And here's to getting back on track with the knitting goddess,