Wednesday, November 02, 2016


I had a lovely birthday lunch and the server even added a free piece of chocolate fudge brownie cake, complete with candle and song! (Nana ratted me out to him.) Anyway, I thought these outdoor additions to my last outfit went particularly well.

Same as the last post but with:

  • Brown twill Katherine Tilton jacket, MM
  • Swapped out the Birkenstocks for my Josef Siebel boots

The graininess of the low light is definitely growing on me. Kind of artsy, don't you think?

I may or may not have time to post tomorrow. I'll probably be wearing the same thing as this morning anyhow but minus the shawl. It's Spectrum Study Group here and I'll have the heat cranked up to avoid freezing my friends! This time we're working on items for our guild booth for the ANWG conference in Victoria next summer. I found a perfect pattern to knit in handspun yarn.


Sharon in Surrey said...

Well Happy Birthday, Ole Bean!!! You look delightful. I love the little hit of color the shawl brings to your outfit. And while I think Tilton is a little weird, that jacket looks great!! And you should wear whatever pants you like as long as you're comfortable!!!! We're old enough to choose our own clothes so who cares what the Public thinks anyway. Hah

pao said...

You look so arty, Louisa. And I wish I could see that Tilton jacket a bit better. Which one is it? And what fabric is it made from. Same for the other pieces you have on. I want to know more! The scarf/ shawl is gorgeous.